Bojack Horseman season 6: Things you know about

Bojack Horseman season 6: Things you know about

Bojack Horseman season 6 is all set to be aired on Netflix. The Bojack Horseman is an adult animated comedy-drama. It has an entertaining series. The whole story revolves around Bojack horseman, and a cynical washed-up star famous for his 90’s sitcom Horsin’ Around. Recently the show has been awarded the best-animated award. As this is one of the longest-running show even since 2014 on Netflix. Recently it has received more awards.


Now there is speculation about the upcoming season that Diane might be causality in the season 6. There are many fans of this show as one can guess this show has still its opportunity to be on Netflix. Now many questions are running in the mind of people such as who will be in the cast. As per the news, there will be all the regular characters.

Bojack Horseman season 6:

Will Arnett will also be back as the depressed horse, alongside Mad Men’s Alison Brie as his onetime love interests and ghostwriter Diane. On the other hand, Amy Sedaris will also be back in the show as Bojack’s ex-girlfriend and ex-agent Princess Carolyn.

Besides Bojack, many characters have got so much love from audiences. So it will not be wrong to say that all these characters will be there in season 6. However, this is possible some new characters will be revealed to bring some twists in the show. But regular ones will be sure in the show.

Through the guessing of season 5, it will be not wrong to say that the show will bring some adventure to the storyline so that it could maintain its interest among its fans.

Although it is an adult animated show, so it is evident that things may twist and turn for bringing more spices to it. Well, there are even rumors about season 7, but well let’s welcome to season 6 first. Then we will think about it. All five seasons are already there on the Netflix so one can quickly go and watch them all.

Those who have already finished all the seasons of Bojack horseman they can surely wait for season 6 to air. Speculation is that the show will air in October. There are many series which are going to air in October along with Bojack horseman.

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