Bojack Horseman Season 6 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Bojack Horseman Season 6 Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Here is everything you need to know about the cult-favorite Netflix show BoJack Horseman season 6. If you have been waiting for any news from the BoJack headquarters, we got you covered.


Bojack Horseman Season 6 Release Date

An animated series incorporates 90’s sitcom actor BoJack and his alcohol-fueled bizarre life is coming back for a sixth season this 2019. While rumors about its cancellation were swirling around after the fifth season finale, fans can now rejoice. 

Actor Will Arnett (who voices BoJack) confirmed back in May 2019 that the show was “close to being done.” Judging by previous seasons, it should be released sometime between September and October of this year. It’s going to be bustling autumn for Netflix, with other popular animated series’ such as the second season of Disenchantment also premiering in September. 

What did Will happen in The 6th Season Bojack Horseman?

The fifth season ended on a dark and heavy note, with BoJack getting admitted to rehab. On a high from drugs, he tried to strangle his co-star Gina. We see BoJack recognizing his issues in the finale and hopefully dealing with them in the coming season. The creator has said that BoJack may be fighting for his redemption. His friend/love interest, Diane and Mr. Peanut Butter’s marriage is another point of interest. Also, Princess Carolyn fulfills her lifelong dream of being a mother and adopts a child. Fans are hoping for her reunion with Ralph. 

Many fans think this season signals the end of this series, but there are many strings to be tied before that happens. According to the show’s creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg conveys, “It’s a world that’s still worth expanding.” 

Bojack Horseman Season 6 Cast

The central voice actors are going to return in season 6 with: 

  • Will Arnett (Arrested Development) as BoJack 
  • Amy Sedaris as Princess Carolyn 
  • Alison Brie as Diane 
  • Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad game) as Todd 
  • Paul F. Tompkins as Mr. Peanut Butter 

Some of the guest actors touted to reprise their roles in the new season are Rami Malek, Kristen Bell, Margo Martindale, and Paul McCartney. 

Trailer Of Bojack Horseman Season 6 

As of now, the official trailer for BoJack Horseman season 6 hasn’t been released. It is expected to drop soon on Netflix so let’s keep our fingers crossed. 

The beloved show has been very hush-hush about the details concerning its new season. These are all the news we know about the 6th season so far. We’ll keep you posted! 

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