Blue Box Chapter 129 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Blue Box Chapter 129 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Whether Taiki’s love for Chinatsu will be reciprocated is a highly intriguing question given the high stakes within this romantic sports series. To prove he is worthy of her, he goes after the nationals alongside her.

Taiki was excited to play in the first-year badminton tournament at Saitama High School, but he found out in Blue Box Chapter 115 that Sajikawa Yusa, his intended opponent, had decided to play badminton overseas.

Taiki was upset to learn this since he had worked hard to practice in the hopes of competing against Yusa. He nevertheless proceeded to win the competition, earning a chance to face Kishi in the following round.

Taiki’s determination is unwavering as the regional competition goes on, and Mochizuki—his opponent in the end—seems assured.

The outcome of Taiki’s match versus Kishi and the difficulties that lay ahead in Blue Box Chapter 116 are exciting for fans to watch.

The author and illustrator of this well-known manga series is Kouji Miura. The sports, action, romance, or drama genres are all explored in this Japanese comic series.

In the sports romance Blue Box, a lad on the boy’s badminton team develops feelings for a girl who plays on the girl’s badminton squad.

When she moved in with his family when her parents were abroad in Japan on business, he got the chance to make an impression on her.

We’ve got you covered! The revelation that Taiki is genuinely miserable because he no longer wants to meet Chinatsu makes the upcoming episode of the series both incredibly intriguing and melancholic.

Fans of this love manga series are eager to read the upcoming chapter because of this. Among manga readers, Blue Box is a highly acclaimed Japanese manga series.

In addition to the publishing date for Blue Box Chapter 101, we also look at what really transpired between Chinatsu and Taiki, what you may anticipate from the same, and provide spoilers and a reading guide for the upcoming chapter.

In order to make sure nothing is missing and to ensure that we are aware of the correct backdrop for the plot, let’s take a quick look back at the last chapter in Blue Box before diving into the most recent one.

Blue Box Chapter 129 Release Date

One of the most well-known Japanese manga series, Blue Box, began as a one-shot and was resurrected as a continuous series that debuted on April 12, 2021.

The manga has received a great deal of love and admiration from readers, and as a result, Chapter 129 will be released on December 10, 2023, at 8:30 PM IST. December 09: Other Nations

Blue Box Chapter 129 Trailer

Blue Box Chapter 129 Plot

Over the holiday break, Taiki and Chinatsu are going to spend time together. They will show their love for one another and get closer to one another during this period.

Taiki is planning on discussing chinatsu with his grandparents. When they eventually get to meet him, they will finally get the chance to do so. They will be ecstatic for him since they can’t wait to help and lend their complete support.

Throughout the upcoming tournament, Chinatsu’s basketball team & coach will put her through a variety of hardships and demands. They’ll presume that despite her challenges and stress, she’ll perform exceptionally well.

Taiki will encounter a number of obstacles and opponents during the badminton practice and competition, especially Kuroda, who will try to weaken him. There will be a contest between Kuroda and Taiki.

Chinatsu and Taiki will rely on one another to get over difficulties and have wonderful and romantic moments.

They then inquire about Kyo and Hina, wondering if they were also lost at the park. Nevertheless, not long after, they both show up at the same moment; they clarify that they were working on their own projects and that people shouldn’t compare them to Taiki.

Following that, we see Karen and Moriya strolling hand in hand. Karen tells Moriya that she has a big job ahead of her since she will be in charge of all those wild lads.

She tells Moriya that she was unusually sensitive and that she must exercise caution because she finds herself spending all of her time with boys who have problems. She also finds the boy in the spectacles to seem okay at the same moment.

The plot of Blue Box is quite captivating. Sports and romance are the two categories that are blended together, as the author has previously stated. Because of its distinct blending of genres, manga enthusiasts find it even more remarkable and well-liked.

In our opinion, it’s undoubtedly enjoyable. Chinatsu Kano and Taiki Inomata are essential to the manga’s plot. They both participate in sports to the same extent. Chinatsu participates in basketball, and Taiki plays badminton.

The twist is that Taiki’s upperclasswoman, Chinatsu Kano, is involved. They both train together in the mornings every day. That’s precisely how Taiki gets smitten with Chinatsu.

Chinatsu moves in with Taiki his his family, which adds intrigue to the plot. I know you’re wondering why. Chinatsu’s parents, however, have chosen to work overseas rather than reside in Japan.

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