Bling Empire Season 4: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know About

The first episode of the Netflix reality show “Bling Empire” debuted on the streaming service on January 15, 2021. The show follows a wealthy Asian couple living in the city of Los Angeles. It’s the first American TV show to have an ensemble cast composed entirely of Asian actors living in America. Initially announced as a one-season show, the second season of this show was revived on March 10, 2021, with a launch date of May 13, 2022. Now, a third season, and perhaps even a fourth, will be released.

Bling Empire Season 4 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, after season 3, Netflix decided not to renew Bling Empire for a fourth season and instead canceled the show. The cast expressed sadness at the news but also said they would always remember their time on the show fondly. Anna died a little over a month after Bling Empire was canceled, and it became apparent that the program would have been very different had it been revived.

When Netflix decided to discontinue Bling Empire, it also decided to cancel Bling Empire: New York, leaving the streaming service with two unscripted programs. Season 4 of Bling Empire won’t be happening, but the remainder of the show is still streaming on Netflix.

Bling Empire Season 4 Release Date

There will not be a fourth season of Bling Empire. Season 4 of Bling Empire will not be produced, as announced by Netflix. As a result, no date for Season 4 of Bling Empire has been set. Netflix is developing Bling Empire spin-offs. If you can’t wait for confirmation of Bling Empire Season 4, you can binge-watch the prequels and sequels in the meanwhile.

Bling Empire Cast

  • Cherie Chan: Denim heiress and former singer. Engaged to Jessey, mother of Jadore and Jevon
  • Christine Chiu: Born in Taiwan, co-founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery inc.
  • Kevin Kreider: Born in South Korea but adopted and raised in Philadelphia, male model
  • Kim Lee: Raised by her Vietnamese mother, but searches for her father in season one, a DJ and former model
  • Kane Lim: Born in Singapore, a real estate developer, and investor with family interests in real estate, shipping, oil, and tankers
  • Kelly Mi Li: Born in China, a self-made entrepreneur, and film producer
  • Anna Shay: Part-Japanese, part-Russian socialite, whose fortune came from selling her father’s company Pacific Architects and Engineers. Mother of Kenny
  • Jaime Xie: A fashion influencer and model. The eldest daughter of Chinese-American billionaire businessmen Ken Xie
  • Mimi Morris: Born in Vietnam. Married to Don
  • Dorothy Wang: The youngest daughter of Chinese-American businessman Roger Wang
  • Gabriel Chiu: Co-founder and plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc., who claims to be a 24th direct descendant of the Song emperor.
  • Andrew Gray: Male model and an actor, who is best known for playing the Red Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce.
  • Jessey Lee: The family business is in furniture. Engaged to Cherie, father of Jadore and Jevon.
  • Guy Tang: Hairdresser and singer-songwriter. Married to Almar

Bling Empire Season 4 Plot

Season 3 viewers may find it easier to understand the reference and extrapolate the plot. The exact nature of Season 4 of Bling Empire is unknown at this time due to the show’s lack of official confirmation. If you skipped to the final episode of the third season, you missed Anna in New York and Kevin celebrating six years of sobriety with a group dinner attended by several of the cast members. Everything was calm and collected, so things must be going well. Is there going to be any excitement in the upcoming season?

Bling Empire Season 4 Trailer

There has been no official trailer for Season 4 because there has been no official announcement about its production or release. Season 1 and 2 of “Bling Empire” have already been broadcast, and the trailers for both those seasons and the upcoming season 4 are available on Netflix and YouTube, respectively.


Bling Empire Rating

Reviews for the first season averaged out to 6.7 stars out of 10, according to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. “Bling Empire may be another celebration of lavish wealth, but the focus on an Asian American cast gives this reality program an intriguing layer of cultural celebration,” the website’s critics agree.

Bling Empire’s Cancelation creates a gap in Reality TV Shoe

Although the reasons for the cancellation weren’t made public, a few possibilities exist. The production costs may have been too high for Netflix, which sounds unlikely given the company’s financial stability and wealth of resources. The production values, events, attire, and locations of the Bling Empire were legendary. Such lavishness doesn’t come cheap, and it’s probable that Bling Empire’s production costs swamped the show’s modest ratings.

Still, the cancellation of a show about Asians and Asian Americans is a setback for those groups. This show is a welcome addition to reality television since it adds variety to a genre that sometimes lacks it (shows about wealthy women, like The Real Housewives franchise). The fact remains, though, that Asians are underrepresented in reality TV generally. In a media landscape where Asian Americans are already underrepresented, this will unquestionably leave a void for a show that provides such representation and a platform for telling their stories.

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