Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Crunchyroll has been showing a very famous anime recently. Black Summoner is the name of the anime.

Many people who like Black Summoner can’t wait for the next season to come out. If you’re reading this, I hope you are also interested in understand when the next season of Black Summoner comes out.

Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Black Summoner.

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Doufu Mayoi wrote the series of Japanese light novels called Black Summoner. It was first posted online in October 2014 on the Shsetsuka ni Nar novel posting website.

In June 2016, Overlap started putting out the series with drawings by Kurogin under their Overlap Bunko label.

In January 2018, a manga version with pictures by Gin Ammo started to be released in parts on Overlap’s Comic Gardo website. From July through September of 2022, Satelight made an anime TV show based on the book.

The Japanese light book series Black Summoner was authored by Doufu Mayoi as well as illustrated by Kurogin. It started coming out online in October 2014 on the Shsetsuka ni Nar website for publishing novels.

The first episode of Satelight’s anime version of the series came out on July 9, 2022, and it is now one of the most talked about shows in the community.

While we’re still enjoying the very first season of Black Summoner, we’ve decided to tell you it all we know about a possible second season.

Black Summoner’s second season hasn’t been confirmed yet. Black Summoner could come back for a second season, since the first season is still airing as well as the light novel remains to be written.

Even so, Black Summoner is a very popular show, and based on what we know, a second season isn’t really impossible. We just have no idea when.

The remainder of this piece tells you everything we know and don’t know about a possible second season of Black Summoner.

You’ll find out when it might come out, if there’s a trailer, what it might be about, and a lot more about this new, very popular anime series.

Black Summoner Season 2 Release Date

People think that Season 2 of Black Summoner will start sometime in 2023, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Since its first episode in 2022, Black Summoner has rapidly grown into one of the most popular shows on TV.

Black Summoner Season 2 Cast

Voice cast is very important for subject matter that needs it, just like actors are. Choosing the right voice cast makes the story even better, which is why the voice talent of Black Summoner is perfect.

The voice actors for this anime are Kki Uchiyama as Kelvin, Reina Ueda as Melfina, Minori Suzuki as Sera, Manaka Iwami as Efil, Yume Miyamoto as Rion, Konomi Inagaki as Ange, and Yousuke Anumoto as Gerard.

Black Summoner Season 2 Trailer

Black Summoner Season 2 Plot

The story of Black Summoner is about a guy named Kelvin who was killed by a God by mistake and is reborn in a world that is like a video game but is different and new to him.

Kelvin now hears a voice throughout his head. It is the divinity of reincarnation, and she helps him figure out how to live in this new world. He seems to have no memories of his past life so he must figure out how to get by in the world he is in now.

Kelvin has also special skills that he got in exchange for his memories. The story is about Kelvin’s adventure, in which he has many fun-to-watch revelations and flights.

Kelvin wakes up in an odd new location with no memories of his past life. He learns that he gave up those memories when he transmigrated in exchange for new powerful abilities.

As a Summoner, he is going into an entirely new world, and his first Follower is the goddess who helped bring him there. Kelvin starts his new life as just an explorer, and it doesn’t take long for him to find out that he loves fighting.

From the Black Knight of the Ancient Castle of Evil Spirits to the demon in the Hidden Cave of the Sage, he loves fighting powerful enemies like these.

We don’t know where the season 2 of Black Summoner could go yet because we don’t know how many manga chapters it could adapt.

Because we don’t have enough information and the first season still is going on, we have no idea how far second season might go, if it happens at all.

Because of a God’s mistake, young Kelvin dies. He agrees to be reborn in a modern paradigm with the skills he chooses, but he has no memories except for his name.

When he wakes up in the new world, he finds out that he chose to become a Summoner magician, as well as the Goddess of Reincarnation, Melfina, has become his servant inside the form of an interactive game menu.

When he got to the city of Parth, he joined the adventurer’s guild as a basic mage. He kept his ability as a summoner a secret, because Melfina told him that summoners are so rare as well as powerful that kings will indeed start wars to get him.

He goes on a mission to kill slime monsters. When he kills and tames one, he names something that Clotho, which gives it a personality of its own.

Melfina tells him that before he was reborn, he managed to make his Summoner Rank S, which is the highest possible.

This made him the most potent Summoner alive, as well as since he is still just Rank 1, he will get even stronger as his Rank goes up. His ability also gives his summons a huge boost, making Clotho 100 times stronger.

When he gets back to Parth, he is upset to learn that slavery is prevalent in this world. He tries to not think about it as he rental prices a hotel room for the night.

Kelvin quickly moves up to rank E. D-rank explorer Cashel tells Kelvin to find the knight Darkghost in order to humiliate him.

Kelvin sees that Cashel is an assassin when he uses his Assess ability on him, so instead of joining him, he implies a fight between Kelvin and Cashel’s whole group.

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