Black Summoner Anime Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Black Summoner Anime Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

We won’t really have a specific response when asked why when others question us. It’s because seeing it inspires such incredible levels of creativity and imagination in us. Additionally, anime doesn’t follow identical genre as television shows or films.

Humans aren’t the sole protagonists in all types of anime, including fantasy, science fiction, and romance.

It’s intriguing when animals such as birds are seen as the main characters. When you comes to anime, we have far too many options.

We must have seen a lot of animated series, and I’m here to recommend one that you really must see.

It is the fantasy anime Black Summoner. Continue reading to find out more about the anime Black Summoner.

The anime version of the Japanese lite novel series “Black Summoner” is known as “Black Summoner Anime.”

The 17-volume fantasy book was authored by Doufu Mayoi. The book also has a manga adaption with the same name, in addition to the Black Summoner anime.

Gin Ammo and Doufu Mayoi each contributed an illustration to the manga. It has been serialised in the comics Gardo magazine for 13 volumes. Continue reading to get more information about the anime Black Summoner!

Popular anime series Black Summoner is based on Doufu Mayoi’s light novel of the same name.

The narrative is on Kelvin, a young man who has an extraterrestrial rebirth and becomes a strong summoner with a goddess at his side.

Black Summoner, one of the most well-known light novels by Doufu Mayoi and Kurogin, is currently being adapted into an anime by Satelight Studios.

Shsetsuka ni Nar, a well-known Japanese user-generated book publishing website, hosted the novel’s first releases.

Black Summoner Anime Release Date

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it has been rumoured that Black Summoner Season 2 would debut some time in 2023.

Since its debut in 2022, Black Summoner has swiftly risen to the top of the list of television shows.

Black Summoner Anime Cast

  • Kelvin voiced by Koki Uchiyama
  • Efil voiced by Manaka Iwami
  • Melfina voiced by Reina Ueda
  • Clotho voiced by Randhi
  • Geral voiced by Yōsuke Akimoto
  • Sera voiced by Minori Suzuki
  • Rion voiced by Yume Miyamoto
  • Ange voiced by Konomi Inagaki

Black Summoner Anime Trailer

Black Summoner Anime Plot

The anime is mostly focused on heroes. Kelvin is found resting in an unusual location as the anime opens. Kelvin feels totally blacked out after getting up in an unfamiliar location.

He was unable to recall what occurred to him the previous evening, in fact, he was unable to recall anything whatsoever, not even his identity.

He has an empty memory with no memories at all. Nevertheless, he was unable to comprehend what was going on. He suddenly feels the impulse to fight. His physique feels like it can withstand powerful pressures.

When he finds that he has truly traded his memories for potent new skills, the plot takes an odd turn. Additionally, he discovers that before developing memory loss, he had fallen in affection for an angel follower.

He embarks on his quest from that peculiar location, and to his amazement, he faces up against and vanquishes formidable foes. He is assisted by his unexpected talents during the adventure. Kelvin’s journey is shown throughout the whole series.

In the tale The Black Summoner, a character by the name of Kelvin is accidentally slain by a deity and resurrected in a strange and unfamiliar game-like realm.

The goddess and incarnations, who helps Kelvin understand the customs of the new planet he is in, is now speaking to him in his thoughts. He seems to be memoryless of his previous existence and is forced to make it in the land he now calls home.

Kelvin also has unique skills that he exchanged for memories from his past. The narrative follows Kelvin’s exploits as he experiences several eye-opening moments and hilarious flights.

The second season of this anime series has not yet been announced, and as its producers have provided no details on what would happen after that,

As a result, we anticipate the producers to be very busy with season 2’s development and a quick announcement for it.

Kuro no Shoukanshi, a manga book light novel series by Mayoi, will be turned into an anime series, according to Yoshima Hiraike’s announcement in February 2022. On July 9, 2022, Black Summoner made its debut and introduced us to Kelvin.

Due to a god’s error, the summoner Kelvin, who had been reborn, perished. The goddess of rebirth, Melfina, strikes a pact with Kelvin to fix it.

She gives Kelvin the chance to pick his skill set and a new life as a strong summoner. Kelvin is going to have to give up his old memories in exchange.

After rebirth, Kelvin awakens as an S-Rank summoner in the fabled city of Parth. He is at level 0, despite being at the top ranking. The tale of Kelvin’s summoning and survival starts here.

He constantly fending off adversaries and works hard to advance in status. In the meanwhile, he meets a variety of people, including the slime creature Clotho, who is Kelvin’s summoner. Kelvin enslaves Clotho and trains him.


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