Black Clover: What happened to Asta’s mother in the anime?

Black Clover has focused on Asta’s journey since the beginning of the anime series, and there are many mysteries surrounding the child. As you can imagine, his family has been a big question given the protagonist’s orphan status, but the anime began to solve part of that puzzle before its end.

With its latest episode, fans of Yuki Tabata they finally found out what happened to the mother of Asta. The reveal was made in episode 170 of the anime earlier this week. Warning! The following in The Truth News It will enter spoiler territory.

Fans saw an intense flashback sequence in Black Clover that followed Liebe as he began bonding with Richita, the young woman who was forced to give up on Asta after her birth. Her uncanny magic-stealing abilities alienated her from humans, but Liebe restored her maternal instincts.

This is what Richita, Asta’s mother looks like (Photo: Studio Pierrot)

For much of the time, Liebe and Richita lived a good life, but things changed when Lucifero learned that the young man was a demon. The villain made it clear that he wanted to use Liebe as a vessel, but Richita refused to allow it to happen.

Where is Asta’s mother in Black Clover?

At the end of episode 170 of the anime, Asta’s mother gave his life to protect Liebe from Lucifero as he ripped the towering demon from his adopted son’s body. And just before his death, Richita sealed Liebe in a five-leaf grimoire to protect him from Lucifero.

Now, Asta wields the book in which his mother sealed Liebe, and the devil has come to recognize the boy as Richita’s lost son. Unfortunately, the Black Clover anime has ended, so this thread can no longer be explored on screen.

But if you want to know more about Asta and his brother, well, you can always watch the Black Clover manga on the official MANGA Plus site. Fans can also look forward to a movie from the franchise and nothing seems to stop Yuki Tabata’s success.

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