Black Clover: the origins of the Asta Devil in the final episode of the anime

After a long and violent battle, the Black Clover animated series has come to an end, but not before having brought to light the past of Asta’s inner demon and the relationship that binds the two. Here are the origins of Liebe!

To keep the necessary distance from the paper version of Yuki Tabata’s work, the Black Clover anime has come to a momentary stop. However, before coming to an end, the last episode made sure to answer a few questions fans have been asking since the very first episode.

Episode 170 of the animated series proceeds with the Devil-Binding Ritual between Asta and his Devil. To use his powers effectively, Asta was forced to duel and subdue Liebe. As the two fought, however, the Devil went to meet gods side flashback. Asta reminded him of an important person from his past.

Thrown away as a refusal from his world because he was not in possession of magical powers, little Liebe came adopted by a human woman, who raised him as if he were her own son, spending happy and carefree days with him. A painful event, however, separated him from that woman named Licita, who was none other than Asta’s mother.

Sealed for years inside a grimoire, Liebe is recovered by Asta, who, just like his mother he never met, treats him with kindness and love. Recognizing him as Licita’s son, Liebe shakes Asta’s hand, sealing an alliance that could even lead to the end of the Dark Triad.

Here’s, in detail, what happened to Asta’s mother in Black Clover. Meanwhile, the Black Clover manga reaches an important sales milestone.

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