Black Clover: new sales milestone for Yuki Tabata’s manga

The publication of Black Clover, the acclaimed manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata that recently reached a new personal sales record.

Despite the conclusion of the anime the success of the work does not stop and now we await the publication of the Black Clover film of which we have been able to observe the key visual. Meanwhile, to further demonstrate the popularity of the manga comes new information on copies of the volumes in circulation.

Details of the sales were released following the celebrations of the sixth anniversary of the series and the publication of the register number 28 in which, as visible in the cover shown at the end of the news, it seems that Jack will have a role of primary importance. The goal reached corresponds to 12 million copies, a number far from that achieved by the most famous manga published by Shueisha but which seems destined to continue to grow.

While the animated transposition of Black Clover has come to an end showing us what happened in the past to Asta’s mother, the paper work does not stray far from such events showing members of the Black Bull company still engaged in various battles within the Kingdom of Swords.

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