The Big FIB : New Game Show Coming Soon on Disney Plus!! Know Everything About It!!

Yvette Nicole Brown will host the upcoming American game show which will be up and running soon on Disney plus. It is mainly based on popular podcast pants on fire and one should know that the show is for entertaining kids. But the game show will surely be entertaining enough that most teenagers and adults will have the interest to watch it. Know everything about the forthcoming game show “The Big FIB” here.

The Plot of “The Big FIB”:

“The Big FIB” will be an entertaining and exciting game show that will consist of 30 episodes. While each episode will be 30 minutes long which will be the reason behind the popularity of the show. The show will entertain the audience for only 30 minutes but within that duration, children will learn so much. Although “The Big FIB” is a game show to entertain children, it will be a platform to learn and develop the mindset of children.

As each episode will begin, any random kid contestant will arrive to play a warm-up round. After that, the expert will share the FIBs and facts. Along with the important information, the show will also give a little laugh to children viewers. The topics that the show will include will be very much interesting for any and every kid such as ice-cream, candy, tree-climbing, toy designing, and so on.

Release Dates and Star Cast of “The Big FIB”:

All the viewers will enjoy the pleasure of such an interesting and exciting game show on 22 May 2020. But you must not forget that the show will appear first on Disney plus. So parents will not have to worry about the development of children. The game show will be a platform to learn with several laughs and gigs.

Aaron Rothman, Irad Eyal, Josh Halpert,  Leigh Hampton, and Yvette Nicole Brown will appear in the upcoming game show namely “The Big FIB”. Haymaker Tv will be the producer of the game show. Do not miss the game show to watch on Disney plus.

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