Black Clover 289 brings back the missing Black Bulls

The second half of the saga Spade Kingdom continues with the newest chapter in the series of manga original de Yuki Tabata, Black Clover, and one of the big questions that came up was actually the whereabouts of a couple of Black Bulls members.

Seeing how two of them had disappeared from the image during the entirety of the first battles against the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom, his absence only grew more egregious as the intensity of the fights began to escalate.

Well that mystery can now be solved with the newest chapter in the series. Warning! The following in The Truth News will talk about spoilers related to the Black Clover manga, which can be read for free and legally in the MANGA Plus application.

The return of the Black Bulls in Black Clover 289

Chapter 289 starts right after Asta headed to the Kingdom of Spade to save Nacht of the twin demons, Naamah and Lilith. We see the boy showing his new levels of power, but when the chapter comes to an end, two allies of the Black Bulls appear.

While the other members of the Black Bulls began training to learn how to use spell sets in the Heart realm, a Magna he was initially denied this as his base power was deemed too weak to learn this new level of magic. The last we saw of him was that he embarked on an unknown journey with Zora.

Photo: Shueisha “The return of 2 Black bulls”

We knew even less about the wishes of Zora, since, in the first place, he showed no interest in training. At the end of Chapter 289 of the shonen series, Zora and Magna are seen watching as Asta grows his Demon-Slayer sword to a massive new size and they comment on how big it will become.

With their late addition to the fight against Spade Kingdom in general, there is hope that the two have grown to the same level as the other members of the Black Bulls. We have seen others use techniques like Ultimate Magic, so Zora and Magna must have something else up their sleeve for the two of them to appear in Spade Kingdom.

Zora is a crafty fighter, so maybe the two of them combined their skills in some way? But now it only remains to be seen what they have been up to all this time. On the other hand, the Black Clover anime ended after its 170th episode and a movie will soon be released.

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