Black Clover 288, a whirlwind of emotions: what Asta did in the chapter

The battle against the otherworldly devils summoned by the Dark Triad ritual in the kingdom of Swords continues. Nacht found himself in great difficulty but a bailout at the end of Black Clover 287 seems to have rebalanced the fate of the battle. Now the duo of demonic twins will have a hard time.

After having severed the arm of one of the two figures, Asta stands in front of Nacht to defend him but also to remind him that he must live. The protagonist of Black Clover He then shows off all his new abilities during chapter 288. Asta’s form with Liebe manages to hold off with the attacks of ice and devil fire, this until the protagonist pulls out his third sword, the Demon Destroyer.

It is in this moment that you see the power difference between Asta and the two opponents. Thanks to the anti-magic released by the sword, Asta cancels all the magic of the two devils by making ice and fire disappear but also restoring the two enemies to their physical form. In this way, Asta was able to attack the male demon and apparently cut it in half.

Now that Asta uses the demonic form with Liebe all of her anti-magical abilities have taken to whole new levels. Will we see the demon of the second demon in Black Clover 289?

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