Birds of Prey: the author Gail Simone shows some sensational sketches of the canceled series

Over the past decade, fans of DC comics have been able to get their hands on several works dedicated to Birds of Prey, the superhero team founded by Black Canary and Barbara Gordon. However, among the excluded great ones it would seem to include a project with great potential, at least according to what was declared by the famous author Gail Simone.

The cartoonist has indeed discussed on Twitter with the artist Jamal Yaseem Igle, famous for working on Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, showing fans some of the sketches prepared for the launch of a new series dedicated to superheroines. Simone commented: "Look at these sketches! We should have worked on Birds of Prey but in the end the project was canceled. I still think about it today, it's one of the reasons I'm still mad at DC".

"I just want to say one thing publicly", replied Igle,"when Gail called me to ask me to work with her, she practically showed me what would be the DC version of "The Heroic Trio". All canceled for stupid political reasons". Obviously we cannot know what were the reasons that led DC to cancel the series, but the Igle artworks undoubtedly remain of a unique beauty.

And what do you think of it? Would you have liked to read this version of Birds of Prey? Let us know with a comment! If you haven't already done so, we advise you to keep yourself informed by taking a look at the list of new series canceled by DC Comics and the latest news concerning the relationship with Diamonds Comic Distributors.


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