Beverly Hills 90210, what happened to the cast of the series

Beverly Hills 90210 is an unforgettable classic of pop culture, which changed an entire generation of kids born in the 80s and who lived their adolescence with the series. The show has never stopped making people talk about itself, as evidenced by the controversy between Jessica Alba and Joel Feigenbaum on the set of Bevrly Hills 90210.

Beverly Hills 90210 has recently celebrated its 30th anniversary from the airing of the first season, and one of the most sought-after questions on the web is: what happened to the actors of the iconic series? Today we will find out together.

Let’s start with the two main protagonists of the show, the brothers Brandon e Brenda Walsh, respectively interpreted by Jason Priestley e Shannen Doherty. Priestley’s career continued with minor roles in several series, including Without a trace e How I Met Your Mother, to then get the lead role in the series Call Me Fitz, aired between 2010 and 2013; currently, he is the co-star of the series Private Eyes. Doherty, on the other hand, after leaving the series at the end of the fourth season due to work differences, took part in series such as Witches, for which he had the lead role of Prue Halliwell, and participated in spin-offs / remakes of the original Beverly Hills, that is 90210 and BH90210 which was canceled after only one season. Doherty also participated in the heartwarming first episode of the fourth season of Riverdale, In memory.

Jennie Garth, interpreter of Kelly Taylor, has participated in several spin-offs of the main series, including Melrose Place, and gave the voice to Trudy Lawrence in the animated series American Dad!. Her career, however, boasts co-star as the most important role Valerie Tyler in the sitcom The things I love about you.

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Steve Sanders was played by Ian Ziering, who has held numerous roles following the success of Beverly Hills: participated in the films of Sharknado in the lead role; after participating in the unfortunate BH90210, the actor’s most recent appearance was on the Netflix series The Order, in the eighth episode of the second season, Spring Outbreak Part 2.

Gabrielle Carteris starred in the series Andrea Zuckerman, and her most important goal is to have become, since 2016, president of the Screen Actors Guild, after the death of former President Ken Howard. Brian Austin Green, the popular David Silver of the series, he had several roles, including starring in the home video film series Cross; in recent years, the actor has become famous for being the ex-husband of Megan Fox: The couple separated in 2020 after 10 years of marriage, with Fox currently engaged to the singer Machine Gun Kelly.

Finally, we conclude with the beloved Luke Perry, the actor who portrayed in the series of Beverly Hills Dylan McKay. Of all the protagonists, certainly Perry’s career was the most brilliant, having become an icon of pop culture over the years, and having taken part in numerous films (including also Once upon a time in … Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino), and several successful TV series, with a prominent role in Riverdale, for which he acted until his tragic death, which occurred on March 4, 2019.

And you? Did you know the careers of the actors of Beverly Hills 90210? Let us know in the comments space!


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