Better Call Saul Season 4 the Complete Schedule for Netflix

Better Call Saul Season 4
Better Call Saul Season 4
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Better Call Saul Season 4 the Complete Schedule for Netflix

Good news for all fans as Better Call Saul season 4 will be coming to the UK and US on Netflix. However, the release dates vary depending on where you live.

Better Call Saul Season 4
Better Call Saul Season 4

Here we have the complete schedule for Netflix for each region and some spoilers so warning to all who do not want to read the spoilers.

Better Call Saul Season 4

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, the show is a must-watch. Season four kicks off with shocking news that turns Jimmy’s life upside down one again.

In season 3, fans are starting to understand how Gus Fring’s came to the size before Walter became involved. Furthermore, we have seen the wrong side of the two brothers, Chuck and Jimmy. Season 3, ended as the house of Chuck went up in flames.

Furthermore, the 4th seasons telecasted on AMC, the Netflix release is still pending. According to Netflix, it officially airs in the month of August and yet to be seen.

The fantastic news is there will be a Better Call Saul season 5 as well.

Release Dates for Better Call Saul

Comparing to season 3, the 4th season expected to release on April 2019. Then we heard rumors of a release in July and fans are unhappy.

Furthermore, fake rumors spread over the network as well stating the release will happen before the official announcement of the 5th season on AMC. However, these are all false rumors.

The fact is that Netflix has shared the complete schedule of all the affirmed episodes to show before October. As it comes available by region, it will also release in Australia, the UK, Canada, the United States and the rest of the world.

Here is the planned schedule for release according to AMC and Netflix Release Dates:

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Episode NumberAMC ReleaseNetflix Release
Episode 01August 6thAugust 7th
Episode 02August 13thAugust 14th
Episode 03August 20thAugust 21st
Episode 04August 27thAugust 28th
Episode 05September 3rdSeptember 4th
Episode 06September 10thSeptember 11th
Episode 07September 17thSeptember 18th
Episode 08September 24thSeptember 25th
Episode 09October 1stOctober 2nd
Episode 10October 8thOctober 9th

Spoilers   for Better Call Saul

Spoiler alert Chuck McGill dies at the end of season three but will reappear in season four amazing hey! According to Melissa Bernstein, the producer, “She feels he still looms large over the upcoming season.” Furthermore, she said, “You are also going to see Michael and feel Chuck even if you cannot see him. Chuck has a great effect on both Saul and Jimmy.”

Final Thoughts

For now this all folks, we cannot wait for season four of Better Call Saul to start. Therefore, if you could not watch it on AMC you can watch the next ten episodes on Netflix. Furthermore, if you want to refresh your memories you can always watch the 3rd series instead.

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