Betaal Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know Far

Many online series sequels are premiering on various over-the-top (OTT) services this season, suggesting that it may be the season of the web series. The second season of Betaal is currently the subject of rumors and speculation. The public response to this zombie horror web series was so positive that it has been renewed for a second season. The premiere date for Season 2 of Betaal has not yet been set in stone.

However, the success of the original production prompted the creators to begin planning for a sequel. Need to know when the next season of Betaal will air, who will be in it, what to expect from it, and what the critics have said about it? Then, you should read this piece.

Betaal Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of Season 1 of “Betaal” debuted on Netflix on May 24, 2020. Patrick Graham, the show’s creator, and co-director, has stated that the plot was initially conceived as a single, condensed series, despite the fact that there are only four hour-long episodes in total. He said, however, that the story may continue indefinitely due to the ambiguity of the ending. In truth, ‘Betaal’ is a supernatural dystopian horror thriller, just like Graham’s previous Netflix movie, ‘Ghoul. Ghoul also ended on a cliffhanger, suggesting a potential sequel. Unfortunately, it was denied approval.

These two series are akin to feature-length Bollywood films. But in “Betaal,” all the episodes have their own distinct taste, even though they all contribute to the same overarching plot. In a nutshell, it’s missing nothing essential for development into an ongoing series with numerous seasons. However, whether the show is continued or not, its creators would be satisfied anyway. Netflix may order a second season of ‘Betaal’ based on viewer feedback, with a premiere date in 2023.

Betaal Season 2 Expected Plot

No reasonable inference about the story can be formed at this time. Actually, there is no trailer, leaving viewers wondering what will happen in Season 2. For the time being, we have the first season’s plot summary to refer back to.

Officer Tyagi heads a special task force in this narrative. The Baaz Squad is the name of the special operations team. This force has been dispatched to the interior of Chhattisgarh in an effort to clear the region of Naxal influence. The government has chosen to build a highway, therefore work can’t wait any longer to begin on it. The second-in-command, Vikram Sirohi, and his deputy, Ahluwalia, descend to the ground with their crew and discover that it conceals more than it reveals. After that, they learn a great deal about the curse and the manner in which the tribal community is protecting itself.

Betaal Cast and characters

  • Vineet Kumar Singh as Vikram Sirohi
  • Aahana Kumra as DC ‘Ahlu’ Ahluwalia
  • Suchitra Pillai as Commandant Tyagi
  • Jatin Goswami as Assad Akbar
  • Jitendra Joshi as Ajay Mudhalvan
  • Siddharth Menon as Nadir Haq
  • Manjiri Pupala as Puniya
  • Swapnil Kotriwar as Kanji
  • Meenal Kapoor as Shakuntala Mudhalvan
  • Yashwant Wasnik as Sarpanch
  • Savita Bajaj as Mausi
  • Ankur Vikal as Bhunnu
  • Pankaj Upadhyay as Inspector Khurrana
  • Richard Dillane as Colonel Lynedoch
  • Krishna Singh Bisht as Kaushal
  • Pawan Singh as Yadav
  • Akhilesh Unnithan as Chandran
  • Ratan Nag as Tripathi
  • Shrishti Fadtare as Leila
  • Tanmay Khemani as Drummer Boy
  • Syna Anand as Saanvi Mudhalvan * Harshvardhan Singh as pretas

Betaal Season 1 Recap

The story of ‘Betaal’ takes place in a little, out-of-the-way town. The narrative follows a group sent to aid the citizens of a small town in their struggle against a terrifying foe. The team unleashes a curse when they step foot on Betaal Mountain, leading to a horde of zombies attacking them and the nearby community. “Betaal” is a “breathless battle” when a “two-hundred-year-old East India Company Colonel, infected with the Betaal’s curse,” and his “battalion of blood-thirsty zombie redcoats,” are unleashed from their tomb and attack “anything with a pulse,” as described by Netflix.

After numerous conflicts throughout the first season, the few survivors eventually make their way back to Betaal Mountain. They succeed in destroying the shrine, but they have no idea that this will cause a far larger evil to be released.

Betaal Season 2 Trailer

There is no official season 2 trailer available at this time. Netflix has yet to make an official statement.

Betaal Season 1 Review

In any case, when it comes to the audience’s reaction, you’ll find a wide range of opinions throughout the many review sites. Others say it fell short of their expectations while others say it’s a masterpiece. The majority of the responses indicate that viewers felt the show veered too far from its intended path. Even though the opening episode of the first season was a zombie thriller, many viewers were disappointed. Despite their disappointment, viewers are anticipating the following season in the hopes that it would be better received.

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