Best Healthy Late-Night Snacks?

 Best Healthy Late-Night Snacks?

Here are some food options you can eat late at night to prevent yourself from overeating or get rid of the craving without doing too much damage. Healthy does not mean flavorless, so be sure to go for low-fat flavors whenever possible.

Some of these choices might take you out for a drive through your favorite fast food restaurant, but there are healthier alternatives that let you still enjoy your favorites while getting in some additional nutrients like protein and fiber.

#1 Apple with Peanut Butter (163 calories) :

This option is perfect if you venture out looking for something sweet to cure your evening cravings. The key is portion control because an apple has about 130 calories, while peanut butter adds another 50 calories. Look for a low sugar option and go for a brand with about 90 percent peanuts to avoid excess sugar or other oils that make it less healthy.

Apple with Peanut Butter – 163 Calories

#2 Baked Sweet Potato Fries (234 calories) :

Fries can be dangerous because they are almost always fried in oil, but sweet potato fries provide the taste you want while still being baked instead of deep-fried. You do not need any dipping sauces, so the calorie count stays at around 234 calories per serving size. If you get your fries from a drive-through restaurant, ask them to hold off on adding salt or other seasonings until after they have been baked to avoid carbs and sodium overload, which can further cause blood pressure problems.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries – 234 Calories each

#3 Grilled Chicken Sandwich (298 calories) :

Chicken is generally viewed as healthier meat, but it can be higher in fat depending on the chicken you get and prepare. Breading or frying can add too many extra calories, while grilling keeps your meal lower in carbs and fats if you pick the right ingredients.

Just make sure to get thin-cut white meat without any mayo or cheese for less than 300 calories per sandwich. You can also choose a whole-grain roll or bun with tomatoes instead of lettuce which offers more fiber and nutrients. If you prefer not to go out at night, grilled chicken breast strips are also available for sale at many supermarkets.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich – 298 Calories each

#4 Grilled Chicken Salad (346 calories) :

Chicken salad is another popular sandwich alternative that can turn into an over 1000 calorie meal if you are not careful with the ingredients. A grilled chicken breast combined with mustard instead of mayo is a great way to get your protein while avoiding all the extra fat from using regular mayo or cheese.

This option allows you to eat a healthy salad packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help satisfy your cravings without going overboard on calories, making it perfect for fast-food restaurants that have limited options for people watching their weight. Grilled chicken combined with mustard in bowl form is also another good alternative.

Grilled Chicken Salad – 346 Calories each

#5 Greek Yogurt (60 calories) :

Greek yogurt has been trendy over the last few years for a good reason. It provides a creamy texture that is hard to get from other low-fat foods while still being high in protein, making you feel full longer.

The downside of this choice is that it can be expensive if you buy it from a local supermarket. Still, many fast-food chains carry their brand at a reasonable price, making it an excellent alternative for people on a budget. Eating plain yogurt might not be as flavorful, but you can add some fresh fruit or nuts for added flavor and more nutrients without adding too many extra calories, which allows your meal to stay below 100 calories.

Greek Yogurt – 60 Calories each

#6 Grilled Chicken Sandwich (137 calories) :

Yes, another grilled chicken sandwich, but this time it has only 137 calories which are almost half of the 298 calorie meal mentioned earlier. Such a drastic change in numbers is that you get just the meat without all the extra carbs and fats from breading or cheese which allows your meal to stay healthier with less than half the calories.

Other fast-food options like Subway offer their own healthy choices, which can be customized with lettuce, tomatoes, and even avocado instead of mayo to keep your meal low in fat and carbohydrates while still offering plenty of taste. You can also ask for an apple or other side dish instead of fries, making this sandwich even healthier.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (137 Calories)

#7 Grilled Chicken Strips (90 calories) :

Grilled chicken strips are once again another option found at many fast-food chains, including Chick-fil-a, Burger King, Wendy’s, Arby’s, KFC, and Popeye’s, to name a few.

These items are low in fat compared to fried options like chicken nuggets while still providing plenty of protein that helps keep you feeling full for longer without all the extra carbs or sodium that come with ordering fries or potato wedges. You can eat these on their own if you want, but they also taste great when added to a salad or wrapped in a tortilla.

Grilled Chicken Strips – 90 Calories each

#8 Grilled Soul Chicken (170 calories) :

Soul chicken is another name for spicy fried chicken that has been marinated in hot sauce before being batter-dipped and deep-fried, which means it has fewer carbs when compared to regular fried options but also contains much more fat which cancels the health benefits out.

This option made our list because it still contains much less fat than regular fried chicken while giving you a flavorful meal without swimming in mayo or cheese. You can ask them to go light on the sauce, so you get all of the flavors with less sodium and fat, and we recommend avoiding adding cheese since grilled strips already come packed with plenty of protein that will help curb your cravings.

Soul Chicken (170 Calories)

#9 Garden Salad (30 Calories) :

We all know that Mcdonald’s has salads, but they are usually loaded with calories, making them a terrible choice for people on a diet. Luckily most fast-food chains offer a garden salad that is much lower in both carbs and calories while still offering a nice variety of vegetables to keep you full without adding fat or sodium to your meal.

This is especially true at Chick-fil-a, where the chicken comes grilled instead of fried, which means additional calories from frying are saved, which can be used for more veggies and reduced salt and sugar values. You should permanently remove the croutons and cheese, which can add hundreds of calories to your meal, but even without those items, the calorie count will still be much lower than a burger or wrap.

Garden Salad (30 Calories)

#10 Veggie Wrap with Grilled Chicken (260 Calories) :

This is one healthy fast food breakfast that anyone can enjoy with just 260 calories along with plenty of protein from the veggies and grilled chicken, which will help keep you full for more extended periods without eating too many carbs or fat.

Other options like egg whites have fewer calories, but this method allows you to pack in more protein per bite, so it will last longer until your next meal with less food involved since eggs are only around 70 – 80 calories each.

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