Best Gadgets & Gaming Accessories for Ultimate Gaming Experience

Many years ago, the only thing you needed to play video games was to connect your console to the TV or have batteries for your GameBoy.

Things have changed a lot in recent times, and there are plenty of accessories that will change your gaming experience for the better.

Whether you are looking to get into a more competitive aspect of gaming like blackjack online or want to get the most out of your favorite video games, these accessories are essential if you consider yourself a serious gamer.

A Monitor

While newer 4k TVs will make your games look more “pretty,” monitors are ideal if you’re focused on shooting games (such as Call of Duty, Valorant, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, etc.).

The reason is that with a monitor, you will have a lower input delay than with a TV, faster response times, and higher refresh rates, which will make the game feel much more fluid, and your commands will be executed almost instantly.

And don’t worry if you’re on a console or PC, the monitors have HDMI input, so any new platform is compatible.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Playing using the speakers on your screen is not recommended, especially when you consider that games now have directional audio that tells you where the enemies are or give you clues as to where you should go.

And while you can use your everyday headphones, there are several headphones designed for gaming that will reduce outside noise and include settings to adjust the sound to your liking.

Some of the brands most used by professionals are Astro, HyperX, Razer, and Logitech.

Gaming Chair

For long gaming sessions, being on the couch in your living room can be detrimental to your gaming performance and your health (I’m sure you’ve had a sore back).

A gamer chair will allow you to adjust it to the angles that best suit you so as not to generate tension, and it is recommended that you look for one with lumbar support to avoid pain.


Another fundamental element, together with its best friend, the keyboard. Likewise, there are many models and possible customizations between wired or not devices, depending on the user’s taste, sensitivity, the “fit” in hand, etc. 

Pro Controls

Perhaps this option is more of a luxury than something essential, but you’ll notice it is a huge game-changer when you change your stock controller for one with buttons or rear paddles.

Brands like Scuf, Battle Beaver, Razer, or even the Xbox Elite controllers can be configured to map different commands to the back buttons and have a faster response time.

And if you use a PlayStation 4 controller, an accessory called “Back Button Attachment” fulfills the same function as the pro controllers but at a more affordable price.


These small grips placed on your control levers will help you have a greater height, which increases agility, precision, and grip, making you more precise when aiming.

In addition to being relatively cheap, different styles fit what you are looking for, and you will only need to put them on your sticks to start using them.


For those who play exclusively on a PC, an excellent mechanical keyboard and a mouse are essential to have total control of the playing field. Here the subjective aspect of the user also comes into consideration since there is a wide range of keyboards for all kinds of extra functionalities. 


The world of modern gaming has shifted from just mobile games and gaming consoles to broader aspects. The revolution currently ongoing in the gaming world requires that the mentioned accessories are a must-have if you aim to enjoy your gameplay.

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