Berserk: a fan gives Wolverine a look at the protagonist with his "Old Man Gatsu"

By now fans of manga, anime but also comics and comics of all backgrounds have become adults and have started to give vent to their imagination. Many have ventured into cosplay, but one of the favorite reproductions by many are fan art. Fan and designer Vince Sunico has decided to create one for himself Berserk, but joining him to the X-Men.

Or rather, to a particular X-Men: Wolverine with the appearance seen in Old Man Logan. You will remember how at some point in his life, Wolverine was portrayed as an old gruff man, also giving birth to one of the last films of the cinematographic universe dedicated to mutants, among the most appreciated of that universe.

Now that image does superimposes on Gatsu, protagonist of Berserk. The designer Vince Sunico has prepared a particular illustration where he assumes that Gatsu will survive the final confrontation with Grifis and will live until old age. In the image below we can see the image of this Old Man Gatsu with obviously white hair, a face studded with wounds and a thick beard. Instead, the elf Pak rests on his shoulder, he too radically changed.

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Given Berserk's publication times, years will have to pass before seeing such a Gatsu. Although with chapter 360 and a certain return, Berserk is very close to the finale.


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