Bella Thorne Received a Pornhub’s Vision Award

“Bella Thorne” is now an award-winning Best Pornographic Star, Who has recently got an Award for her NSFW Pornhub’s Director Debut. Well, The Actress feels so honored as she got an award for her first project with this company.

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne

It is Very Rarely Happens That A Newcomer Actress wins the Director Awards in the Pornhub Company. She got the award for her short film “Him and Her.” This Short Film was released only two months ago. It was premiered at Oldenburg Film Festival in early September.

The 21-year-old Bella has a talent that leads her to win this trophy for her short film. The Storyline in the movie is that A Guy who comes up with a questionable text on his girl friend’s phone. So This text will lead them to a Temperature Rising Sexual Encounter. His Girlfriend wanted to kill him when she has read a Google search on the phone. This Short Film is a Must-Watch by Everyone.

Bella did win the Award, But she will Get the Golden Trophy at the Award Show on 11 October. Bella’s Ex Sun will also be at the show as his music is featured in the Film. These Two have ended their tense relationship, and Bella is now with her new mate Singer Benjamin Mascolo.

The Award Show and The Short Film “Him and Her” are now streaming on “Pornhub Premium.” Bella was more than eager to express herself and her views regarding the short film. Pornhub has given this golden chance to all new Directors to diversify Porn Production.

The company has given this excellent chance to all Unexpected Guest Directors. Bella has thanked the company and everyone that has helped her to achieve this Award.

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