Behind Every Star Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And More Details

Production of the Korean drama “Behind Every Star” was handled by Jang Jae-won and Park Ho-sik. Celebrity managers are the focus of this story. The original work was written by Fanny Herrero and is now being remade. The French comedy-drama Call My Agent! premiered on October 14, 2015. Baek Seung-ryong is the man in the shadows of every star. On my own drama scale, this show scored a 7.8. The premiere aired on that network. It was created specifically for Netflix. The drama-comedy series has 12 episodes in total.

I, Im Seon-kyung was the drama’s editor. Choi Chang-oh (CP), Jang Shin-ae, and Yoo Sang-won are the drama’s executive producers. Production studios include Studio Dragon and Baram Pictures. Please have my rep get in touch with you. The series includes the shows Menajerimi Ara, Call My Agent: Bollywood, and Ten Percent. The story, which follows the lives of celebrity managers, is quite remarkable. Fans of the drama are eager to learn when season 2 will air after the success of season 1. If you’re curious about it, too, then you should look into it.

Behind Every Star Storyline

The extremely engaging plot of Behind Every Star has helped propel the show to new heights of popularity in recent months. ‘Call My Agent!’ is the original French serial on which this episode is based. Method Entertainment is at the center of the story. Many well-known actors and actresses have their own managers at this thriving studio.
As the title of the show implies, the focus is on the managers who work tirelessly to ensure the success of their celebrity charges. The show delves into the personal and professional lives of celebrity managers while depicting the close relationships they maintain with their star clients. Everything they do is for the star they manage, and they take on all of the star’s problems as their own.

Behind Every Star Season  Cast

  • Lee Seo-jin as Matthew/TTae-oh, General Director of Method Entertainment
  • Kwak Sun-young, as Chun Jane or Jae-in, is a manager with 14 years of experience.
  • Seo Hyun-woo, as Kim Jung-don, is a team leader at Method Entertainment, a good manager with a good personality.
  • Joo Hyun-young, as So Hyun-joo, A new manager who has admired the entertainment industry since childhood.
  • Shin Hyun-seung as Go Eun-gyul, Tae Oh’s son and a new actor from Method Entertainment
  • Jung Hye-young as Song Eun-ha, Matthew’s wife and mother, Go Eun-gyul
  • Noh Sang-hyun is Lee Sang-wook, the head of the investigation team of the Seoul Revenue Agency.
  • Kim Young-ah, as So Jung-hee, So Hyun-joo’s mother, and the owner of a hair salon in Busan, has a strong and sweet personality.
  • Shim So-young as Shim Myeong-ae, Method Entertainment Honorary Director
  • Kim Gook-hee, as Yoo Eun-soo, Method Entertainment general manager, joined the accountant and moved to the management team, but she began to develop a fear of driving.
  • Kim Tae-oh as Choi Jin-hyuk, Method Entertainment Public Relations Manager
  • Hwang Se-on plays Kang Hee-sun, an information desk employee who aspires to be an actor.
  • Choi Yeon-gyu, as Choi Won-jae, Field Manager and Agent ‘Prince Prince,” works as a powerful force for Method Entertainment.
  • Lee Hwang-ui as Wang Se-ja, Method Enter president, who died from climbing
  • Lee Ji Hye as Amy, CEO of Talundinor
  • Kim Won-hae as Cho Ki-bong, CEO of Star Media
  • Moon Hee-kyung as Kang Kyung-ok, Wang Se-ja’s wife.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Expected Plot

The final episode of Behind Every Star’s 12-episode run premiered on Netflix on December 13, 2022. Positive reactions were received by Behind Every Star, which resulted in the largest viewership for every single episode. That means there will undoubtedly be a next season. However, neither the release date nor the storyline has been confirmed. It’s possible that some of the same characters from Season 1 will return, while others may be replaced by new ones. The conclusion will determine what happens in Season 2, and the finish is still unclear at this point.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Release Date

The actual premiere date of the Korean series’ second season is unknown at this time, but rest certain it will not be anytime soon. The last season of the show was just released a little over a month ago, and it won’t premiere until December. It’s unclear if the show will be canceled or renewed. If the K-drama is renewed, the earliest you can expect to binge-watch it is in 2024.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Trailer

There has been no debut of the drama’s season 2 trailer. There is currently no trailer for Season 2, as it has not yet premiered. On November 6, 2022, the first season trailer for The Swoon premiered on the show’s official YouTube site. By the end of 2023, we should get a trailer for the second season of the drama if it will have a teaser.

Behind Every Star Season 1 Rating

Each program is evaluated according to its rating. If you want to know if a show will be canceled or renewed, look no further than the ratings. The higher the scores, the safer the situation is. The average audience rating on MyDramaList is 7.7 out of 10 stars, which is higher than the show’s 6.9/10 rating on IMDb.

Where can I watch Behind Every Star Season 2?

The first season of Behind Every Star aired on tvn, a South Korean nationwide pay television network operated by CJ E&M’s entertainment division.

Behind Every Star Season 2 Episodes

The first season of Behind Every Star will reportedly consist of 12 episodes. Since each of the previous seasons of Behind Every Star had 12 episodes, it’s possible that the upcoming season will have the same number of episodes. That means the next season will have at least 12 episodes.

Is Behind Every Star worth watching?

The show’s popularity and high ratings confirm my opinion that Behind Every Star is worth seeing. It’s easy to relax and get into the show because of how engaging and realistic the characters are. In addition to seeing the glitzy side of the entertainment industry, viewers also get a look behind the scenes. In sum, Behind Every Star is a light and enjoyable film that you can try out in your spare time.

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