Be The Actor Chapter 64 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Be The Actor Chapter 64 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The turbulent life of Jang Youngguk, an once-successful support actor who won the prestigious Best Supporting Actor Award, is explored in the most recent chapter of the manga “Be the Actor.”

But tragedy strikes at the height of his success when his mother dies, making him face the years of neglect he had for her.

Yongguk, consumed by sorrow and regret, keeps taking his own life, tormented by thoughts of warmth or the quiet times he left behind.
However, as he is about to engage in the practice in despair, he is taken back in time to his early years by a mystery voyage.

She begins, “I regressed, to a past I missed,” laying the groundwork for a moving examination of the unavoidable turns that life takes.

As the story progresses, we see Youngguk’s resolve to choose a different course while he struggles with life’s inevitable conclusion.

The manga captures the common concept of second chances, provoking thought in readers about the possibility of changing one’s course in life and finding comfort in pursuing pleasure.

We have always observed that the protagonist from the story maintains the same posture and features throughout the full chapter in all of the previous manga and manhwas. The protagonist’s backstory is the only thing that varies.

However, the series we’ll be talking about today is something you never would have imagined reading or seeing in a manga. Indeed, there is a difference between this series and other manga.

Be the Actor’s narrative is both incredibly captivating and motivational. The lead was battling greatly just to escape poverty. But his whole outlook shifts as a result of the horrific event of his mother’s passing.

The man desires to travel to another time and assume the role of a submissive son. Numerous stories that fit altogether like a maze themselves have been discussed in the preceding chapters.

Yeon-Guk meets Shin Sung-Hyun’s father, the director on a recently completed project. There’s also an entire backstory to it.

Yeon-Guk discovers how challenging the work of an undertaker is. His task is to tend to the deceased before bidding them farewell. He constantly watches the families’ circumstances and responses.

Despite their differences, Yeon-Guk and Shin have a deep love for their kids. The chapters describe Shin’s father’s continued son support.

However, since he is portraying the role that initially brought him into the industry, this is just the MC being himself.

Be The Actor Chapter 64 Release Date

A new chapter of Be the Actor Manhwa is expected to be released every week. According to that timeline, December 5, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. Korean Standard Time (KST), will see the release of Be the Actor Chapter 64.

Be The Actor Chapter 64 Trailer

Be The Actor Chapter 64 Plot

They were compelled to flee swiftly after the Vice President learned that Sejong was traveling with a stealth plane that was transporting a nuclear bomb from the United States.

The president inquired about Lee Jain—the man who ended the enchantment and transformed everyone back into humans—during their talk.

The president is reassured by the military dictator Lisu that no one will recall his scheme to wipe out humanity and leave not a single person behind. All the preparations are finished as Lisu carries out his scheme.

He not only gave Lisu her strength back, but also disclosed that Li Zain had accomplished something he had never thought he was capable of. He was told by Lee Zain the two would both go from this world.

Act the part. The priest and the priest speak briefly at the start of Chapter 58. The investigator mentioned that even priests were having coffee these days.

The priest clarified that there were really little details that kept the boat moving and allowed him to remain awake for his duties.

The agent then showed a picture of someone affiliated with the church before outlining the main reason for his visit.

The story’s plot resembled that of a play by Dostoevsky. A bad man never learns from his mistakes and never becomes better.

The players were told to sit back and unwind once the sequence was deleted. The day’s filming came to an end at that point.

Yongguk was told how much fun they had acting when Joongin put the glove on him. The fact that he only needed to recut one scene to make it perfect the first time delighted the elderly man.

Chapter 62 of “Be the Actor” follows Yongguk as he ventures into unfamiliar territory—the stage.

Playwright Youngdaе sends Youngguk an intriguing offer, asking him to be a part of a play that is coming up.

The idea of a performance on time catches Youngguk off guard, so he hesitates before accepting the challenge.

Assigned the role of Baek Muyеol, a renowned Casanova of the Joseon period, Youngguk sets off on a transformative and self-discovering adventure.

In the meantime, the CEO of Youngkuk gives him a significant bonus for the Lunar New Year celebration in recognition of his extraordinary talent and commitment.

Overwhelmed by this gesture of generosity, Youngguk becomes aware of the constant support he has experienced all of his professional life.

Determined to bring Bak Muyeol to life off stage, Youngkuk immerses oneself in the past of the character and devotes all of his attention to the writing.

Emerging into the mysterious persona of Baek Muyeol, Youngkuk uncovers a side of himself that reflects the charisma and appeal of the character.

Reentering the realm of playwriting, Youngdae is caught off guard as he can’t decide which actress would be best for the female role opposite Youngguk.

As luck would have that, he happens to watch an actress on television give a mesmerizing performance that radiates elegance and mystery.

The scene is set, the actors are primed for stardom, and the excitement building for Youngguk’s debut of Baek Muyеol is unbearable.

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