Battlefield 6: battle royale and the number of online players at the center of a doubtful rumor

Although not much is known about Battlefield 6 with the exception of the few frames shown at EA Play Live a few weeks ago, the branded shooter EA Says is among the most anticipated titles on next-gen. To reveal the first possible information on the game was an insider, who in the last few hours has talked about some of its features.

These details come from the Twitter user Tom Henderson, which usually deals with the rumors regarding Warzone, the battle royale of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. According to Henderson, all maps in Battlefield 6 are designed to support at least 128 players but most of the playlists will focus on fights between two teams of 32 players. Another very interesting information is linked to the possible return of the battle royale mode, since Electronic Arts is interested in replicating the enormous success of Call of Duty Warzone and it is therefore not excluded that the next chapter of the series may also include a free to play and stand alone version including only the battle royale.

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In both cases, this is information to be taken with a grain of salt, since their source has never stood out for having made big advances on Call of Duty or other titles and these tweets may be nothing more than a way to attract the 'caution.


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