Batman, the latest issue introduces a new medium: the Bat-train

As we prepare for the Batman universe in the version edited by Panini Comics, we recommend this new original means of transport used by the Dark Knight, which appeared in the last pages of his comics.

Fans who read the number 92 of the necklace dedicated to the Dark Knight they were able to witness the challenge between Batman and The Riddle, which made the city of Gotham City a living puzzle. In order to overcome the various blocks between the neighborhoods set up by his opponent, Batman, accompanied by Deathstroke, unveils his latest creation: the Bat-Train, as an amazed Deathstroke calls it.

It therefore seems that Bat-Mobile is no longer sufficient to overcome the numerous challenges of the criminals of Gotham City, so much so that the writer of the James Tynion IV series together with the artist Guillem March, have decided to create this new means of transport. On the following pages we can also see the interior of the train, full of advanced technologies. The Riddle thus chooses to surrender in the face of the numerous means available to his rival, annoyed at the ease with which Batman managed to resolve the situation.

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Waiting to find out how the Dark Knight's story will continue, we recommend this new Batman crossover in which Punchline is also present.


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