Batman: after years Bruce Wayne returns to play the role of Matches Malone

In the last volume of the regular series of Batman, the Dark Knight found himself deprived of his equipment, his vehicles and even his Wayne mansion. All this, combined with the tragic events of the Joker War, however, did not affect his character as a hero, and Bruce immediately worked out a plan to return to defend Gotham.

Volume 106 of Batman presented however a great challenge for the Caped Crusader, who was forced to become a gangster, and thus assume the identity of Matches Malone. The reason behind such a particular choice is the growing danger of a group of criminals called The Unsanity Collective, which is using Mad Hatter technology to breathe new life into Gotham City, and to do so they steal from the rich to pay for tools and start building the city’s future.

Fortunately Barbara reveals to Bruce their location, which is an abandoned hotel from which it is easy to escape quickly, and for this reason Bruce decides to go there, becoming Match. It should be considered that following the death of the real mafia boss Matches Malone, the protagonist has taken on his role only on very rare occasions, to speak directly with Harvey Dent, when the latter was in Arkham, and also on a date with Catwoman.

We remember that Bruce had to recreate the Batcave, and we leave you to the name of the new helper of Nightwing, chosen by the fans.

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