Advantages of Cycling

Advantages of Cycling

In general, cycling has a lot of physical and mental benefits.

1) Cycling is a cost-effective way to get around town. If you have a bicycle of decent quality it will last for years and not need replacing as often as a car or even public transport might. A cyclist doesn’t incur the ongoing costs associated with owning and maintaining motorized transportation (fuel, insurance, license fees, vehicle registration, etc).

And he doesn’t pay the exorbitant parking charges that come with driving around in cars all day either! There are many ways to save money by riding instead of driving. By riding more than one person can make use of bicycles instead of buying two separate bicycles.

Even if you ride after dark you don’t need to buy lights, reflectors are enough. Some bicycles have dynamo lights that are powered by the motion of the bicycle itself so there is no need for batteries or recharging either. By making cycling a habit, if any parents with children it will be easy to educate them on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and living green.

Cycling also reduces your stress level. It has been proven that people who cycle regularly feel less anxious about their work and daily tasks than those who don’t cycle at all.

2) You can save time too! Cycling is fast becoming one of the fastest ways around town because most cities are designed for cars rather than cyclists, they become hazardous environments. If you ride with traffic instead of taking shortcuts along pedestrian paths you can end up saving time.

3) Cycling is also a lot of fun, it’s one of the best ways to get around town or take off for an adventure on holiday. It allows you to discover your hometown in different ways, try out shortcuts and find new routes to work, school, or anywhere else you need to go.

4) Cycling is often faster than other modes of transport because you avoid congested traffic jams. The more cyclists there are on the road the more people will realize that bikes have a right to be there too so motorists become more aware and safer for everyone sharing the road.

5) Cycling is an easy way to stay fit without having to join expensive gyms or take up potentially harmful team sports just to stay fit. Bicycles provide a gentle form of exercise that is easy on the joints and good for your overall health.

Cycling every day for just 30 minutes will give you great health benefits such as less stress, lower cholesterol levels, improved heart function, and increased blood flow to name but a few.

6) Cycling doesn’t pollute the air like cars do so it’s better for everyone’s health and the planet we live on. Not only do cyclists breathe in less toxic fumes than drivers they also emit less CO2, using up all their food energy as actual physical energy rather than heat or other pollutants which are released when cars are driven.

7) It saves you money because there are no parking charges tolls on bicycles compared with cars, fuel charges, etc.

8) Cycling can be done in normal clothes so it’s easy to pack up and take out with you when you’re traveling, with no need for special equipment or fancy attire.

9) On sunny days cycling is much more fun than driving in a stuffy car – especially if it gets too hot inside the car! You can dress lightly and make use of your sunscreen before you leave home. It’s also easier to carry things on a bike than in a car so cyclists always have their hands free for carrying shopping etc.

10) It’s not only good for adults but children can be taken out cycling too which provides parents with an opportunity to exercise together with their children saving them money on expensive sports club fees.

11) It’s a healthier alternative to going out on the town drinking alcohol with friends. Cycling is a good way of getting exercise, feeling refreshed, and alert without having to be hungover. Driving after consuming alcohol can cause serious accidents which aren’t only dangerous for the driver but also other road users who may get hurt too.

Alcohol slows reaction times and makes drivers less careful, plus it deadens emotions so you become more vulnerable to making bad decisions that affect your safety as well as other people’s lives too.

12) For those who are stuck in traffic every morning there is always the option to ride through parks instead of sitting in congested roadways or take longer routes home or go for cycle trips during working hours (provided you don’t mind getting sweaty).

This is a great way to enjoy your day while you can kill time cycling around town. Furthermore, if you have trouble keeping up with the traffic you shouldn’t be driving in the first place so it’s better to take your bike instead of being stressed out behind the wheel.

13) Cycling is environmentally friendly and sustainable – it’s good for everyone living on this planet which we all share. If everyone tried cycling just once a week they would get used to it very quickly and keep doing it every other day because they’d start noticing how fast their fitness levels are improving plus how much money they are saving too!

14) Roads are often built by local councils using public tax dollars meaning that cyclists should not only have a right to ride on these roads but they should be respected too. Cyclists also pay tax, so there is no reason why anyone should be disrespecting them by driving aggressively or taking unnecessary risks.

15) When cyclists break the law they are often mending it a short while later, speeding off ahead or putting themselves back in line with other road users making it easier for motorists to overtake them safely plus not obstructing traffic. In this way, cyclists make driving more efficient and actually help out everyone else who gets stuck behind them!

This makes cycling a good thing all around – even when cyclists disobey the laws because almost always they do so only for their own safety and convenience which shouldn’t really be breaking the law anyway since at least that way they are not obstructing traffic for everyone else.

16) Many cyclists also drive cars so they know what it’s like to be stuck behind them, so on the roads, they do their best to keep out of the way. This makes cycling very convenient because you can choose which side of the road you want to ride on and which route you wish to take meaningless congestion all around!

17) Cyclists who overtake slow-moving vehicles often give them plenty of space plus time to speed up again before coming into their lane – this is just common sense for everyone involved since cyclists don’t want to cause an obstruction any more than drivers do.

18) Primarily when there is a cycle or segregated track alongside a roadway motorists should be respecting the cyclists and giving them as much space on the road as possible. If it’s a two-lane road, motorists shouldn’t drive in the opposite direction of traffic which they would if cycling was allowed for cars.

19) Cyclists sometimes have to ride slower than other vehicles so they may not always abide by the speed limits however most times cyclists are going at least as fast as everyone else anyway even if they aren’t breaking any laws!

20) Although some people complain about “swarms” of cyclists cluttering up their roads, biking is still a small percentage of transportation worldwide – only around 1% – which suggests that there really shouldn’t be too many people complaining just yet about all these new riders taking over the streets!

21) Cyclists are not always riding on the roads even though that’s what it looks like when you’re stuck in traffic behind them. There are plenty of cycle paths, especially in European countries compared to America for example which has hardly any cycle lanes at all – hardly enough considering how big this country is!

22) For the most part, cyclists obey the rules of the road and do their best not to obstruct traffic; however, there is a small percentage of riders who don’t abide by any laws and ride dangerously because they think they can get away with it or they simply don’t care about anyone else but themselves. This number shouldn’t be exaggerated since this type of behavior is not an accurate reflection of how most people on bikes behave.

23) Riding a bike is the best way to enjoy leisure time! Cycling saves you money on gym fees, fuel costs, and speeding fines plus requires very little fitness or training to do compared to running which can be exhausting over long distances.

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