Batman: 94th issue spoilers herald the end of an important relationship

Like all readers of the comics of Batman they will know, the arrival on the scene of Designer and his machinations has had important repercussions on our Dark Knight, with the latest numbers of the work that have led to a crescendo of events that may now be on the verge of reaching their conclusion.

Through some preview images dedicated to the 94th production number – which you can see by clicking on the source of this news -, it is in fact possible to take a first look at what will be the conclusion of the bracket Their Dark Designs, with a Batman not exactly fit accompanied by a Catwoman in pieces, a sign that the relationship between the two may have eventually come to a standstill.

In particular, it hits a particular scene where Batman and Catwoman are talking on the phone. For the moment it is not known what the two are saying, but it seems that Batman's words were a serious blow to the woman. In short, it seems that the Designer has now managed to hit the Dark Knight where it hurts, the prelude to a real storm that our Batman will have to face very soon, all thanks to the help of his greatest nemesis, Joker.

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Before saying goodbye, we remind you that recently news has also arrived on what will be the next narrative arc of Batman. In addition, one of Batman's historical writers has unfortunately left us in recent days.


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