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Barbara de Regil is teased for recommending whole wheat bread

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Once again, Barbara de Regil was teased and criticized on social networks and all for answering that she recommends whole wheat bread, which caused a series of comments against the famous one, who is always attacked when she gives nutrition tips.

And it is that on more than one occasion the actress has been told that she should not give feeding tips to her fans because she is not a prepared person making it clear that she is not doing things well, but Regil ignores it, as he assures that many of his fans take it in the best way.

"What will Bárbara de Regil feel as a mame comes out mocking her every so often?", "What will Bárbara de Regil feel as a mame mocks her every so often?", They wrote to Bárbara on Twitter.

Remember that Barbara has insisted on giving exercise classes through Instagram and she does not want any of her fans to stop training since the famous has always worried about her fans who defend her from the attacks she receives from haters.

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In addition to Regil, he has said on some occasions that he is not interested in paying attention to the attacks because he has already got used to it, although in some interviews he said that he has fun with the memes that are dedicated to him.

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