Bank of Dave: The Sequel: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Additional installments in the Dave Fishwick series may be found on Netflix with Bank of Dave: The Sequel. Dave Fishwick, who in the first film Bank of Dave built a community bank for his hometown of Burnley, Lancashire, now faces a new and much more formidable enemy: the Payday Lenders of Britain, whom Dave holds responsible for so much suffering due to debt.

All the information you want on the upcoming Netflix film Bank of Dave: The Sequel is provided here.

Bank of Dave: The Sequel Renewal Status

The sequel to Netflix’s blockbuster film Bank of Dave is officially in the works. The film premiered in January and is based on the actual tale of Dave Fishwick, who, upon seeing that small companies in Burnley were having trouble getting loans from bigger banks, decided to form a community bank.

The upcoming sequel to Bank of Dave, starring Rory Kinnear (James Bond), will follow the character Fishwick as he faces “a new and more dangerous adversary: The Payday Lenders,” according to the streamer.

Bank of Dave: The Sequel Release Date

In Bank of Dave 2, Roy Kinnear—a member of the James Bond cast—will portray Dave Fishwick. Though the developers have been mum on the subject, fans are speculating that the sequel will hit shelves somewhere in 2024.

Viewers will be informed by Netflix of the precise date of the trailer and film’s release. Because Bank of Dave was published on January 15, 2023, audiences have speculated that the sequel would be released in January 2024 or later based on the release date of Part 1.

Bank of Dave: Story

In Bank of Dave, Rory Kinnear portrayed the charming Dave Fishwick, a local of Burnley, Lancashire, in North West England, who, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, established his banking venture to provide loans to small companies. Dave was self-taught when it came to banking, but he did own a rental car and minivan company.

To get a banking license, he challenged the conventional large London financial institutions after seeing an unfairness in the treatment of regular people who couldn’t get loans. Burnley Savings & Loans, Dave’s bank, was later established, and he assisted other small firms in their first stages of operation.

Comedian Paul Kaye, Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor, Joel Fry of The Plebs, and Jo Hartley were among the other cast members of this feel-good film. To further support Dave’s bank, even the rock band Def Leppard performed for a benefit event.

Bank of Dave: The Sequel Cast

Much speculation surrounds the confirmed cast of Bank of Dave Part 2, although Rory Kinnear is widely believed to be playing the lead role of Dave Fishwick. One of the key players in the first installment of Bank of Dave was Joel Fry, who played the role of Hugh, a lawyer whom Dave recruited to take on the British financial system. Jo Hartley plays Nicola, Dave’s real-life better half. Part 2 of Bank of Dave is likely to continue with the same cast as Part 1: Phoebe Dynevor, Joel Fry, Paul Kaye, Rory Kinnear, and Hugh Bonneville.

Bank of Dave: The Sequel Creators

Tempo Productions and Future Artists are poised to create the upcoming film, which is titled Bank of Dave: The Sequel. Also making a triumphant comeback is filmmaker Chris Foggin, who previously directed Fisherman’s Friends, Kids in Love, and This is Christmas.

Bank of Dave: The Sequel Plot

And it’s in Bank of Dave: The Second Coming! The threat posed by ‘Payday Lenders’ is squarely in Dave Fishwick’s crosshairs. Dave, in the film Bank of Dave, built a community bank two years ago; now, he must risk everything to bring them down and save some of the most needy people in towns throughout Britain. Dave, the hero of the people, will continue to do what he believes is right, even when his life and freedom are in danger.

Bank of Dave: The Sequel Trailer

We don’t yet know when the trailer for the Bank of Dave sequel will be published. Thus, it is expected that the producers will most likely settle on the trailer and sequel release dates in 2024.

Where to watch Bank of Dave: The Sequel?

Netflix, the most beloved Ott platform, published The Bank of Dave. The same day will also see the release of the sequel. Many more services, including Netflix, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, and iTunes, offer movies for sale or rent.

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