Aggretsuko Season 6: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

Aggretsuko showed us that it’s possible to start again at any point. The anime’s main character, Retsuko, originally appeared while she was stuck in a dead-end job and looking for a way to spice up her life. Instead of carrying on with her mundane existence, she found release in the catharsis of heavy metal. Her life has been everything but routine ever since then.

Season after season, we saw Retsuko learn from her errors and grow as a character. Season 5 shows us the chain of events that finally convinced Retsuko to enter politics. Of course, we won’t reveal whether or not this individual ultimately becomes a political force. We may or may not know whether this is your last encounter with Retsuko. Maybe we may find out what the future holds for the red panda we all love. What follows is a complete guide to episode 6 of Aggretsuko.

Aggretsuko Season 6 Renewal Status

Aggretsuko will not be returning for season 6. Before the fifth series was published, it was revealed that this was going to be the last season. Since its debut in April 2018, Aggretsuko has become a fan-favorite anime. Even though the program was canceled after its fifth season, it left viewers on a high note. The average running time of the first nine episodes was under 20 minutes, but the season finale lasted 34. As the series came to a close, this provided viewers with a fitting conclusion.

In Season 5, Retsuko runs for office while Haida is out of work, much to her chagrin. When Haida finally meets an online acquaintance in person at an internet café, he is forced to break the news to Retsuko’s parents that he is still unemployed. There’s a suspicious guy in the last season who wants to know more about “Aggressive Retsuko.” Despite everything going on, Retsuko continues to have her legendary karaoke sessions, which fans love.

Aggretsuko Season 6 Release Date

Many viewers of the popular anime series Aggretsuko are curious as to whether or not there will be a sixth season. As we’ve already said, it’s a shame that Season 5 will end up being the last. There is a definite beginning, middle, and finish to Retsuko’s journey in the fifth season, as was previously indicated.

Netflix may explore publishing a second spinoff of Aggretsuko, despite the fact that the series already had a Christmas special. Many alternative stories might be told as spinoffs, such as those focusing on the lives of other characters or events that took place before Season 1. There’s a lot of room for creativity in the Aggretsuko canon, and that may mean exciting new adventures for fans. Netflix users may now watch Aggretsuko.

Aggretsuko Story

Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda who works in the accounting department of Carrier Man Trading Co., Ltd. in Japan, is a single young professional who is doing her best to deal with the challenges faced by young people in modern Japan. Every day, Retsuko deals with the stress of dealing with overbearing supervisors and coworkers by going to a karaoke club and singing death metal.

After five years of drudgery, Retsuko’s unhappiness sets off a chain reaction that threatens her employment, alters her relationships with her coworkers, and ultimately leads to profound personal growth. After this, she keeps trying new things until she realizes that getting married and having kids is what she really wants out of life. A combination of shyness and social anxiety makes it difficult for her to avoid getting herself into sticky situations while pursuing her goals.

Aggretsuko Cast

  • Retsuko Voiced by: Kaolip, Rarecho(Japanese); Erica Mendez, Jamison Boaz(English)
  • Director Ton Voiced by: Souta Arai(Japanese); Josh Petersdorf(English)
  • Fenneko Voiced by: Rina Inoue(Japanese); Katelyn Gault(English)
  • Haida Voiced by: Shingo Kato(Japanese); Ben Diskin(English)
  • Director Gori Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta(Japanese); G. K. Bowes(English)
  • Ms. Washimi Voiced by: Komegumi Koiwasaki(Japanese); Tara Platt(English)
  • Tsunoda Voiced by: Rina Inoue(Japanese); G. K. Bowes(English)
  • Komiya Voiced by: Sota Arai(Japanese); Todd Haberkorn(English)
  • Tsubone Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta(Japanese); Debra Cardona(English)
  • Kabae Voiced by: Yuki Takahashi(Japanese); Misty Lee(English)
  • Resasuke Voiced by: Shingo Kato(Japanese); Max Mittelman(English)
  • Anai Voiced by: Sota Arai(Japanese); Ricco Fajardo(English)
  • Tadano Voiced by: Chiharu Sasa(Japanese); Griffin Burns(English)
  • Retsuko’s mother Voiced by: Maki Tsuruta(Japanese); Kaitlyn Robrock(English)
  • Hyodo Voiced by: Sota Arai(Japanese); SungWon Cho(English)
  • Manaka Voiced by: SAYUMI(Japanese); Deva Marie Gregory(English)

Aggretsuko Season 5 Ending

Season 5 switches the spotlight from Retsuko to Haida, her jobless and gaming-addicted love interest. Retsuko has to deal with pressure from both her family and her boss to meet her “hotshot” lover.

The season delves into weighty topics like addiction and the challenges of true relationships, contrasting office flings with long-term partnerships. In seeing Retsuko and Haida deal with the challenges of a contemporary relationship, we can’t help but pull for them to come out on top.

Aggretsuko Season 5’s takeaways on addiction, work-life balance, and being authentic are all worth considering. The 9–5 grind, political turbulence, and the search for fulfillment are all themes that continue to be explored in the show.

The nicest element of the ending is that it concludes the series satisfactorily, wrapping up loose ends yet allowing some opportunity for the audience’s own creativity. The writers have done a wonderful service to the audience by ending Retsuko’s narrative on a happy note. Season 5 of Aggretsuko is an excellent way to say goodbye to a popular anime series and is a must-watch for every lover of the show. Netflix users may now watch Aggretsuko.

Aggretsuko Age Rating

The TV-PG rating indicates that some parents may deem some of the film’s content inappropriate for their younger children. A lot of grown-ups would want to check it out with their kids in tow. This show may be inappropriate for some viewers due to its mature subject matter, provocative conversation, rare crude language, sexual scenes, or mild violence.


Over the last five years, Aggretsuko has quietly risen to the top of Netflix’s list of fantastic programs. The series is centered on a beloved figure from the beloved company Sanrio, as any lover of anime is well aware. But now is the moment for the general public to recognize its exceptional quality. No better time than now to become hooked on this fantastic blend of cartoonish animal cuteness, urban mundanity, love challenges, and gigantic situations, now that the fifth and final season is available in its entirety.

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