Baka and Test Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The Japanese name for “Baka and Test,” “Baka to Tesuto to Shōkanjū,” means “Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts” in its direct translation. Kenji Inoue writes the light novels in the “Baka and Test” series, which are also known as “Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts,” while renowned manga artist Yui Haga does the pictures.

Enterbrain published the book from 2007 to 2015 under the Famitsu Bunko label. During this period, a total of eighteen books were released into print; twelve of these novels dealt with primary plot points, while the other six served as companion pieces. The light book was also the basis for three distinct manga adaptations, all of which were unique in their ways.

Baka and Test Season 3

From April 2009 until June 2015, the popular magazine ‘Shōnen Ace’ featured the first one, named ‘Baka to Test to Shōkanjū’, published by Kadokawa Shoten. Up to this point, 13 tankōbon volumes have been published, with Yumeuta and Mosuke Mattaku contributing drawings.

You can get the English translation of this manga on BookWalker right now. Another version of the story was published by Kadokawa Shoten in ‘Shōnen Ace’ with drawings by Koizumi; it was called ‘Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ja’. From 2010 to 2014, a total of four volumes were released for this.

‘Famitsu Comic Clear,’ an online magazine produced by Enterbrain, featured an illustration by Namo titled ‘Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijō’. The magazine ran from May 27, 2010, to June 22, 2012. There were a total of six books produced in this series.

Baka and Test Season 3 Renewal Status

Viewers were receptive to the anime program and had nothing but praise for it. Even reviewers gave the program good reviews. But it wasn’t enough to get the producers to greenlight it for a second season.

Happily, it hasn’t been canceled either. The fans still haven’t heard back from the producing business after all these years. No formal announcement about a third season of Baka and Test has been made as of yet. I can see why some of its die-hard supporters are holding out hope for a comeback.

Baka and Test Season 3 Release Date

Fans of Baka and Test have been waiting for Season 3 for almost ten years, and they are becoming more frustrated. The production firm has remained mum on the subject of the series’ renewal. It is quite probable that the source material is the primary issue. Despite the completion of the light novels and comics, the majority of the tale has already been covered in the first two seasons.

Even while there are still potential side tales to adapt, it’s very doubtful that Baka and Test Season 3 would do so due to the material shortage.

Season 2 ended on a rather definitive note, thus decreasing the likelihood that Baka and Test would return for a third season. The good news is that Silver Link, the studio behind Bofur Season 2, has not officially confirmed any cancellations, so Season 3 of Baka and Test might still be in the works.

Baka and Test Story

Despite her intellect, Mizuki Himeji gets a score of 0 on the placement exam because she has a fever and is unable to finish it. Class F is where she and the other main characters, including the titular baka Akihisa Yoshii, class representative Yuuji Sakamoto, bishōnen actor Hideyoshi Kinoshita, perverted photographer Kouta Tsuchiya (also known as Muttsurīni or Silent Ninja Pervert), and Minami Shimada, a German transfer student who is unable to read kanji, are placed.

Since Akihisa thinks Himeji should have had a second chance to take the placement exam, he is irritated that the school put her in Class F. He strikes into a conversation with Yuuji, who shares his frustration with the school’s strict regulations. They want to show that life is about more than just grades by eliminating Class A and claiming their classroom as their own.

Several Summoner Test Wars ensue, pitting lower-ranked classes against higher-ranked ones. Minami, Himeji, and their crush Akihisa form a love triangle, which is largely followed in the show as well. A Yandere Class A student named Shouko Kirishima, who has feelings for Yuuji since they were kids, is now going for him.

Baka and Test Cast

  • Akihisa Yoshii as Shimono Hiro
  • Yuuji Sakamoto as Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  • Mizuki Himeji as Hitomi Harada
  • Minami Shimada as Kaori Mizhuhashi
  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita as Emiri Katou
  • Kouta Tsuchiya as Miyata Kouki

Baka and Test Season 2 Ending

The second season finale of Baka and Test was very thrilling. It included a Summoner Test War between Class F and Takashiro, as well as Year 2 pupils who had betrayed them, and the seniors of Class 3. Class F emerged victorious from this epic battle. Then there’s the love bond between Akihisa and Himeji. All of these results have piqued the attention of viewers even more in the upcoming third season.

Baka and Test Season 3: Is there enough source material?

The LN series started being serialized in 2009. There were a total of 18 volumes published until it ended in 2015. Six of them are subplots, while the other twelve are the primary plots. Seasons one and two of the anime have covered almost all of the story’s ground. So, Silver Link Studio can’t do Baka and Test Season 3 since they don’t have enough content. There isn’t enough material for another full season with what they have left.

Baka and Test Rating

This beautiful anime has received positive reviews from both IMDb (7.2/10) and MyAnimelist (7.5/10).

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