B Positive Season 3: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

American sitcom B Positive was made by Marco Pennette for Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Bros. Television. He is also in charge of making the show. On November 5, 2020, CBS began airing the show. Also, when a tv series has been renewed before, there are a lot of questions about how the plot could get better and better with each season.

The show should have some kind of magic that keeps people interested enough to keep watching. After the second season of B Positive came out, many people wondered if it would be canceled or kept going. We’re sorry to tell you this, but it’s not good. If you’ve been looking forward to the next episode of B Positive, you didn’t have much time to watch all of Season 3. The CBS Network is no longer going to air the show. The show is on a list with other shows that the network suddenly stopped airing.

B Positive Season 3 Renewal Status

The well-known show will no longer be on CBS. The third season of B Positive was canceled in May 2022, and officials said that there wouldn’t be a fourth season any time soon. Fans’ hearts broke when they heard this. Before the second season started last October, Marco Pennette left the show. Since the show was based on his real life, it will end if he stops working on it.

Why did CBS cancel B Positive Season 3?

Deadline says that CBS has chosen not to give the comedy show B Positive by Chuck Lorre a third season. United States of America, which was also made by Lorre and was in its second season, was recently canceled. Both shows were on the edge of getting picked up for next season, but since Lorre has been the network’s top comedy producer for the past 20 years, at least one of them was anticipated to make it.

In the first few months of 2022, many networks decided not to renew a large number of sitcoms. In the same way, many original CBS TV shows have been decided to cancel for a variety of reasons, and the network isn’t the only one that’s following the trend and cutting back on TV series that may not have done well when they were first made. Even though the storylines and character arcs of How We Roll could have been better, the show has also been canceled.

B Positive Season 1 and 2 Recap

Drew, played by Thomas Middleditch, is a therapist, and the first episode of the first season of B Positive was all about him. He and Julia, his wife, are no longer together. He is attempting to get his life back to normal when he learns that his kidneys are starting to fail. If he doesn’t get a kidney transplant soon, his condition will get worse.

As he looks for a donor to save his life, he runs into Gina, a high school friend played by Annaleigh Ashford. Drew tries to talk Gina into giving her kidney, and she agrees right away. So, they start out on a journey together as good friends. The show’s name, “B Positive,” is about staying positive in hard times. The show’s theme is shown in such a beautiful way. You will laugh, cry, and then laugh again while watching this show.

As season 2 goes on, the first episode shows what happens after a transplant goes well. Drew and Gina are both healthy and ready to go when they leave the hospital. As they try to figure things out, they have a few more fights. In the most recent episode, Gina is having trouble at work, while Drew tries to deal with the fact that he doesn’t have many friends. In the last episode, we’ll find out what’s in store for Drew and Gina, who we love.

B Positive Season Cast

  • Thomas Middleditch as Drew Dunbar
  • Annaleigh Ashford as Gina Dabrowski
  • Kether Donohue as Gabby
  • Sara Rue as Julia Dunbar
  • Izzy G as Madeline “Maddie” Dunbar
  • David Anthony Higgins as Jerry Platt
  • Darryl Stephens as Gideon
  • Linda Lavin as Norma Goldman


  • Briga Heelan as Samantha Turner
  • Bernie Kopell as Mr. Knudsen
  • Jason Kravits as Dr. Baskin
  • Adam Chambers as Paul
  • Anna Maria Horsford as Althea Ludlum
  • Héctor Elizondo as Harry Milton
  • Jane Seymour as Bette
  • Ben Vereen as Peter Morgan
  • Jim Beaver as Spencer Williams
  • D.B. Sweeney as Bert
  • Priscilla Lopez as Meredith Milton

B Positive Season 3 Plot

Drew and Gina’s story continues in season 2 of B Positive, which starts after their kidney transplant went well. All through the series, the ups, and downs of their personal and professional lives are shown. Gina, who lives in the Valley Hills retirement community, has managed to save all of the money that was left over from her inheritance. Drew, on the opposite hand, still hasn’t made the decision about what he wants to do with his life.

If there is a third season, it will probably pick up right where the second one left off. It will show what happens after Gina and Drew make their big decision in season two. In season three, we would find out how each of their lives has improved and how that will affect their future together. If there is a third season, there’s going to be a lot of interesting things to talk about.

Audience reaction to the news of the cancellation of B Positive

Fans talked about how unhappy they were on social media. They said that they hoped Gina and Drew would become good friends. Most of them were surprised and upset to find out that their favorite show had been canceled. Because of this, it’s safe to say that Be Positive has been canceled.

Where can I watch B Positive Season?

B Positive was mostly shown on CBS. You can watch both seasons of the sitcoms online on CBS, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV.

B Positive Ratings

Based on 19 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an approval rating of 84% and an average rating of 5.8/10. The website’s critics agree that “B Positive’s familiar sitcom trappings are elevated by its captivating cast, especially Tony winner Annaleigh Ashford’s weird and endearing comedic style.” On Metacritic, 14 critics gave it a weighted average score of 62 out of 100, which means that “generally positive reviews” were given. IMDb says that the show has gotten 3,100 votes and a score of 6.2 out of 10.

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