Avengers: Moon Knight stole something imported for Ghost Rider

In recent days, a new volume of the Avengers series dedicated to Moon Knight has been published: let's find out what happened in the crossover event entitled Age of Khonshu, which also featured Ghost Rider.

In the comic pages we can admire the power of the character of Marc Spector, who manages to defeat superheroes of the caliber of Thor, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange to complete a mysterious mission entrusted to him by Khonshu. The Egyptian deity also asked him to defeat Ghost Rider, but the former mercenary decided not to face him directly, preferring a different approach. We find out that Moon Knight he succeeded in the impossible feat of stealing Hell Charged, Ghost Rider's car, which is added to the other artifacts he stole from the other heroes of the Marvel comics.

We still don't know the details of Khonshu's plan, instead we know the name of the next victim of Moon Knight: it is Black Panther and a you can object kept within the confines of Wakanda. Finally, if you are looking for other series dedicated to characters from the world of comics, we point out the plot of Avengers Black Widow, the first volume of the series focused on the former spy Natasha Romanoff and which will act as a prequel to the video game on the Avengers currently available shortly.

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