Avatar sequel and Lord of rings are returning

The good news just dropped for the Avatar sequels and Amazon’s Lord of the Rings


The fans with interest in fantasy movies and series have been hit with something good amongst this worldwide lockdown due to COVID-19. Yes, Avatar sequel and Lord of rings are returning. With New Zealand permitting the start of production houses with certain restrictions, Avatar sequel and Lord of rings will be in production really soon. James  Cameron has officially announced that his two big-budget series will start production very soon. According to the health commission of the country, all the production houses who are willing o start their shooting projects will have to abide by some laws and complete registration so that they can be kept an eye on. The registrations are to be done on portal screen safe and protocols have to be followed religiously. The New Zealand film committee is also focusing on Health and hygiene during any shoots in the country.

Avatar sequel

Following the announcement of resuming the production of Avatar sequel, its official twitter feed posted a picture of Cameron on the set directing the actors who are underwater. The production of the sequel began way back in 2)017 and was supposed to be released on December 17, 2021, but the lockdown might reschedule its release dates.

The Lord of rings

Amazon’s mega-budget series has also been announced to resume its production after freedom of New Zealand health ministry’s decision to pull back the restrictions. The production has almost reached at the conclusion of the two episodes and is expected to move further with the shooting.

The fans have been overwhelmed on hearing the news and are keeping their popcorn tubs ready to witness these historic series yet again. We wish James Cameron Best of luck and hope to witness it really soon.

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