Attack on Titan: Isayama thanks readers with two illustrations

With the publication of chapter number 139 The attack of the Giants has finally ended and Hajime Isayama, the author of the same, wanted to thank his fans by spreading two illustrations related to the work. Let’s see them together.

Numerous fans of the series have become aware of the final events involving the Reconnaissance Army, the warriors of Marley and the whole world of The Attack of the Giants, in the meantime the mangaka who made the story has prepared a special gift for all those who have followed his work for 12 years.

The tribute in question is a couple of postcards that will be attached to the May issue of the weekly Shonen Magazine, which can be seen in the Tweet reported at the bottom of the news. They represent 2 covers of the volumes of the opera, or those of numbers 4 and 23. In the first there are the Eldians protagonists of the initial part of the work while in the second there are the Marleyan warriors of whom the last chapters of the manga narrate. Both illustrations are then united by the presence of a sunset in the background.

With these drawings, the author wanted to leave a message: by placing them side by side it is possible to read the thanks “Thank you for reading“. But unfortunately not all fans seem to be enthusiastic for the ending proposed by Isayama, the diffusion of some leaks of The Attack of the Giants has led some fans to go wild against the work.

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