At The Moment Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

At The Moment Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The first season of At the Moment is a forthcoming Korean drama series. At the Moment, which features an all-star cast and is set in the Taiwanese cityscape during an epidemic, features ten urban love stories.

Later this year, Netflix will premiere the Taiwanese urban romantic series At the Moment internationally and exclusively.

The anthology series consists of ten episodes, each of which features an unexpected love tale set against the backdrop in the pandemic. The romantic season finale about At the Moment is anticipated to be a must-see.

The Moment is a forthcoming Netflix original romance drama written and directed by Ha Myung Hee and Ahn Gil Ho.

This is the fourteen original Korean drama licensed by TVN and the thirty-fifth original Korean drama licensed overall.

The series was previously known as Record of Youth, but has since been renamed The Moment.

Korean BLs have been enjoying a moment of their own as they keep releasing one popular program after another.

If you have finished watching The Eighth Sense and Love Mate and are searching for your next television program, Bon Appetit is available.

Bon Appetit is an Korean workplace romantic comedy that focuses on the devoted Yoon Soo. Yoon Soo is devoted to work resulting in a routine, lonely existence.

When he encounters a fresh neighbor, Doo Hoon, this soon changes. Doo Hoon has been harboring covert emotions for Yoon Soo and is prepared to capture her heart.

Moment of Eighteen has a Korean drama with the original Korean and English titles Yeolyeodeolui Soongan and At Eighteen, respectively.

Moment Of Eighteen is also known as an 18 Moments and A Moment At Eighteen. Its literal translation is Moment Of Eighteen.

Each episode of the drama is roughly 70 minutes long. It received a 7.5 rating on IMDb, an 8 rating on MyDramaList, and a 9.4 rating on Rakuten Viki.

The Moment was an American reality TV series that premiered on USA Network on April 11, 2013 and broadcast for the final time on May 31, 2013. Casting for a prospective second season occurred prior to the premiere of the series.

The USA shifted the series to Fridays at 11 p.m. after the first episode attracted 1.129 million viewers, the second episode attracted 963,000 viewers, and the third episode attracted only 950,000 viewers.

At The Moment Season 1 Release Date

Season 1 of At the Moment will premiere in late 2023. The series was in development at the start of 2022. Consequently, it could be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

The producers have been tight-lipped about the series’ premise and release date. Overall, supporters are advised to be patient, as it is probable that the official date will be announced very shortly.

In addition, we will update the release section one time the information is available to the public.

At The Moment Season 1 Cast

  • Sa Hye Joon as Park Bo Gum
  • Ahn Jung Ha as Park So Dam
  • Won Hae Hyo as Byun Woo Suk
  • Won Hae Hyo’s Mother as Shin Ae Ra
  • Sa Hye Joon’s Mother as Ha Hee Ra

At The Moment Season 1 Trailer

At The Moment Season 1 Plot

At the Moment, a compelling Taiwanese anthology series, examines the complexities of love toward the backdrop of the pandemic.

It examines another facet of human contact and the intertwined lives of the protagonists through the interweaving of ten separate stories.

By deftly integrating these stories through a reality dating program, a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences is created.

The star-studded cast of “At the Moment” is its distinguishing feature, as it brings together unanticipated talent pairings.

The well-known Taiwanese presenter Dee Hsu makes a remarkable acting revival after a ten-year hiatus and works with Wu Kang-ren for the first time.

A-list actresses Kelly Lin and Ruby Lin are also working together to portray a poignant tale of friendship and love.

“At the Moment” promises a dramatic investigation into love in difficult circumstances due to its distinctive narrative and combination of new and established talent.

Hwi-young reacted negatively to these rejections, and when a rumor circulated that Joon-woo had stolen a watch, he propagated it further.

Choi Joon-woo, Yoo Soo-bin, and Ma Hwi-young are the three primary characters that drive the narrative.

Joon-woo is a new pupil who is sent to Cheondung High School from the previous institution due to false accusations of criminal activity.

He arrives at his new school as a recluse and consistently maintains his distance. However, beneath his gruff exterior is a sensitive individual who lacks emotional expression.

Ma Hwi-young, an additional wealthy and influential student, attempts to cultivate Joon-woo, but he is rejected.

In actuality, Joon-woo was intimidated by Hwi-young’s majesty, and he retreated because he felt fear.

Yoo Soo-bin, the best student to the class, gradually develops feelings for Joon-woo despite his gruff and dispassionate demeanor.

Soo-bin cannot control her affection for Joon-woo, despite being Hwi-yeong’s infatuation. This drama becomes an emotional triangle with additional intriguing elements.

The Moment chronicles the lives of three fashion industry professionals in the present day. The current generation lives in a world where the “spoon” you are born with determines the course of your existence.

Although aspirations are a luxury not everyone can afford, their adolescent zeal propels them to realize them.

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