'At Home with Olaf': Disney + debuts a series of shorts starring the character of 'Frozen'

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While we are still desperately searching for some reduced format content that may distract the little ones in the house for a while, To those who are making this confinement eternal, Disney + has given its users a joy with the announcement of 'At Home with Olaf'.

Working from home

This will have some advantage from quarantine. Disney has just announced 'At Home with Olaf', a new series of shorts emerged from the 'Frozen' universe created by Hyrum Osmond and starring Josh Gad, both working from home. The series will follow the world's favorite snowman in his new life of social estrangement.

Disney has been very aware of its releases and formats after the pandemic. Last week, the studio announced that its theoretically potential franchise, 'Artemis Fowl,' starring Judi Dench and Colin Farrell, would be giving up a theatrical release and would be seen directly on Disney +. Also, 'Onward' came to service months ahead of schedule, like 'Frozen 2'.

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The truth is that despite having monopolized a good part of our historical entertainment offer, Disney's new streaming service He is working hard to try to provide the greatest distractions in the homes, especially where children of television-watching age live. That the days are eternal, right?

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