Are Street Fighter 6 and Marvel vs Capcom 4 in development?

As revealed by pro player Ryan Ramirez (also known as FChamp and quite popular in the professional fighting game circuit) Capcom has been working for some time on Marvel vs Capcom 4 and Street Fighter 6, both projects not yet announced.

Street Fighter 6 in particular should have been announced this year during a special event dedicated to the series near the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, an event postponed until next year due to the Coronavirus. Season 5 would have been developed quickly to offer new content in view of the failure to announce the sequel, which could therefore be late to come out.

Marvel vs Capcom 4 it seems to have been under development since 2018 and already at the beginning of 2019 Capcom began to discuss with Marvel about the characters to be included on the roster. Even in this case, however, the Covid-19 emergency could have affected production, Capcom still intends to take all the time necessary to launch a product that lives up to expectations and there would be no particular rush linked to the publication of the game.

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Finally the target platforms are not clear, Ramirez only mentions PS5 as for Street Fighter 6 while Marvel vs Capcom 4 could be a cross-platform game coming therefore also on Xbox and maybe Nintendo Switch.


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