Are Cable Girls Returning For Season 5

Are Cable Girls Returning For Season 5:

“Cable Girls” is one of the most Favourite Spanish Period drama on Netflix. The Series has Successfully completed 4 Seasons with a back to back Appraisal.

Cable Girls season 4
Cable Girls season 4

It is also translated “Las Chicas del Cable” in Spanish, is one of the Netflix’s Originals. Because of its Highly Increasing Ratings, Multi-languages Movies and Shows are now streamed on Netflix. Netflix is Gaining Popularity day by day.

About Cable Girls Season 4:

In Season 4 You learned that Francisco has been shot while saving Eva. Due to the Shot, Francisco is suffering from Coma. Least can we remember that they were attacked at the telephone Co? yeah!!

Last we saw Alba is reunited with her daughter. Marga wants Divorce from her husband, and Francisco wakes up Losing his Memory. He remembers only Alba after Short term Memory Loss.

Cable Girls are investigating again for the murder of Gregorio Diaz. They help Sara to escape from prison because she took the fall for the murder she did not commit.

Angeles is dead, Marga has Started her own company with Pablo almost Successfully. Oscar and Carlota roam around in the Streets of Paris Loving Eachother.

This was all you had to know about season 4 and if you did not watch season 1-4, You can Watch it on Netflix.

Cable Girls Season 5 Release Date?

Fans are waiting for season 5 after season 4, which was released on August 9th, 2019. Season 4 is a Big Hit Released just One month ago, But the Popularity of Series is Spread by word.

Netflix has not disclosed the release date or month, but our wild Guess is the series will be releasing in late 2020 or early 2021.

The cast of Cable Girls Season 5:

We can expect the series regulars to appear in season 5. However, it is DIfficult at this moment to say whether there are some new characters in it or not?

The expected Season regulars :

  • Blanca Suárez as “Alba Romero”
  • Nadia de Santiago as “Marga”
  • Yon González as “Francisco”
  • Maggie Civantos as “Angeles Vidal”
  • Ana Fernández García as “Carlotta”
  • Martino Rivas as “Carlos”
  • Ana Polvorosa as “Sara Millan”

The series creator can introduce some new character in the show. However, you will surely enjoy Cable Girls season 5. Till then you can watch the previous seasons if you haven’t watched.

Expected in Upcoming Cable Girls Season 5:

The Cable Girls Season 4 finale makes us believe that there will not be Season 5, because of the Cable Girls Separated. Lidia informed Reunited The cable Girls may save Angeles’ Daughter.

Francisco Franco’s Dictatorship Began After the Spanish war(1936-1939) has ended.

Fans Loved Cable Girls Season 4 more than any other Season of “Las Chicas del Cable” or “The Cable Girls” as We Know it. Which Season did you like the Most? Comment Below!!

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