Aquaman 2 Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about Aquaman 2

DC Comics are hopeful about Aquaman 2. Recently, they announced the sequel of Aquaman 2. Aquaman is of the best superhero character of DC Universe. In this post, we will see the storyline, plots, release date, and cast details of DC Comic’s Superhero film Aquaman 2.

About Aquaman 2

For the second phase of the DC Universe, they extend the list of superhero films for the upcoming releasing season. Aquaman 2 stands on number six to release for the upcoming releasing schedule. Aquaman 2 will be directed by James Wan. The first part of the Aquaman was premiered in the Empire, Leicester Square; it was back in November 2018. Later first past was released worldwide on 21 December 2018. Aquaman is an adventure fantasy film, and the story revolves around the Aquaman character.

The Storyline of Aquaman 2

It’s been one and a half year of release first part of Aquaman. For the next part, they are continuing with the story where it was left in the first Aquaman. In this film, the kingdom was created, named Atlantis. This kingdom is under the attack from the antagonist. To save the Atlantis, Half brother of Aquaman King Orm fights against all odds.

King Orm tries to save Atlantis as well as he convinces the emperor of underwater kingdoms to merge with him. He wants to fight against the Surface leader, and King Orm will be the leader of the Underwater Empire. Then Aquaman knew the plan of King Orm, and then he replaced King Orm. He wants to stop all fights.

The Cast of Aquaman 2

Arthur Curry or Aquaman’s role will be played by Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius and Ocean Master, Amber Hears as Mera, and the Princess of Xebel. These are the main lead of Aquaman 2.

Aquaman 2 will be released on 16 December 2022. It is the long gap between the first and sequel of Aquaman.

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