Apple already has the Earth Day and International Dance Day activity challenges ready

In view of two dates set this April, Apple has already prepared the relevant business challenges. With the objective of encourage us to be more active in our day to day and at the same time marking a specific date on the calendar, the Cupertino company has prepared a couple of challenges and the different stickers that we can win with them.

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In the case of Earth Day, the objective of this challenge simply requires that we complete a 30-minute training by walking, running, rowing, doing yoga, etc., throughout the next April 22. Upon completion we will unlock the corresponding prize in the Fitness app (on iPhone) and Activity (on Apple Watch).

This challenge joins a list of various activities that Apple usually develops related to the celebration and, in addition, when we complete it, it will gift us with five animated stickers, which we can see below, which we can use in the Messages app, FaceTime and in general where iMessage stickers work.

In the case of the International Dance Day, which is celebrated on April 29, the training necessary to win this challenge is, how could it be otherwise, that of the Dance. A workout of 20 minutes or more from the app Training of our Apple Watch and we will receive the corresponding badge.

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Along with other functions, such as running competitions with our friends or sharing the status of our rings, these regular challenges have become one more way that Apple, through the Apple Watch, uses to encourage us to move and stay more active. It is clear that the vocation of the watch towards health has been increasing progressively since the first models and the consistency and variety of the challenges it proposes is further proof of this.

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By turning our activity into a game, Apple makes us, as Apple Watch users, stay more active in a fun way. The badge in the Activity app may just be a little sparkle, but the habit of staying dynamic is gradually taking hold. And all this while we celebrate a special day.

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