Aoharu × Machinegun Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

The manga series began publishing in January 2013 and continued until August 2019 in Gangan Comics’ shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy. It was written by Naoe. The author chose to convert the manga series into a television series after its great popularity, and the show launched in 2015. As a result of its extraordinary plot, the Anne series has rekindled interest in manga and its readers.

More and more people began searching for it shortly after the episode premiered. People who saw the program and those who reviewed it thought highly of its potential and gave it good reviews. The show’s dedicated fan base is still wondering if it will be renewed, although it ended in 2015.

The topic of Aoharu and Kikanjuu will be covered extensively in today’s post. This essay is a must-read for everyone interested in learning more about it. This is a comprehensive guide to Season 2 of Aoharu x Kikanjuu.

Aoharu × Machinegun Season 2 Renewal Status

This action-comedy anime’s first season finished on a shocking note. Viewers have been eager to find out what happens next after the show’s September 2015 finale. Consequently, the clamor for an additional season is becoming more overwhelming. The long-awaited sequel has unfortunately not been renewed by Brian’s Base. Still, it doesn’t guarantee cancellation either.

The comeback of an anime series often takes longer than that of most US television programs. A few of them may even go four or five years without publishing anything. Popular anime shows, including Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, and One Punch Man, are on the roster. Accordingly, Aoharu x Machinegun Season 2 will continue to air until it is officially canceled.

The original material, nevertheless, is one of the few things that may derail the anime’s continuation. You may say that most anime adaptations promote the original works. As a result, adaptations are often abandoned after the first series and don’t return until the light novel or manga concludes. Regrettably, in August 2019, the Aoharu x Kikanjuu manga was officially discontinued.

Aoharu x Machinegun Season 2 may not be renewed by Brian’s Base due to a lack of promotional material. But the studio could take a chance if a sufficient number of fans submit social media pleas and sign petitions. For any further developments, be sure to check out this section.

Aoharu × Machinegun Season 2 Release Date

Since the series ended on such a shocking note, fans are still rooting for the studio to give the program another go. Seasons of Japanese animation often return after a decade or two. Some of the series unfold in a matter of days, while others take years. We have seen it all before. We will keep you posted here on any developments concerning the renewal status of season 2.

Aoharu × Machinegun Story

Shounen anime abounds, and Aoharu x Machinegun is just one of several that dabble in action, humor, and sports. Aoharu x Machinegun is an anime series that follows the adventures of Hotaru Tachibana, a female character who assumes the identity of a guy.

Everything was OK until she heard that the popular club host had deceived one of her closest friends. Intrigued, she decided to check it out for herself. Upon her arrival, Masamune Matsuoka unexpectedly challenged her to a “survival game,” where the first person to take a hit from a toy pistol is declared the winner.

Afterward, everything becomes very messy, and Masamune has Hotaru join the survival game squad as a form of revenge for the harm she caused. She was very uninterested in the offer at first, but she eventually came to see the benefits of teamwork in the survival game. By pulling together, they achieved their greatest ambition: becoming the top survival game team in Japan at the Top Combat Game (TCG).

Aoharu × Machinegun Cast

  • Hotaru Tachibana Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)
  • Masamune Matsuoka Voiced by: Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese); Corey Hartzog (English)
  • Tōru Yukimura Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Japanese); Chris Patton (English)
  • Nagamasa Midori Voiced by: Kazuyuki Okitsu (Japanese); Greg Ayres (English)
  • Takatora Fujimoto Voiced by: Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese); Scott Gibbs (English)
  • Ichi Akabane Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (Japanese); Allison Sumrall (English)
  • Hanako Sagara Voiced by: Kana Ueda (Japanese); Allison Keith-Shipp (English)
  • Kanae Yajima Voiced by: Yui Horie (Japanese); Shenae’a Moore (English)

Aoharu × Machinegun Season 2: Is there enough source material?

Less than five volumes of the Aoharu x Kikanjuu source material are covered in the first season of the anime. Alternatively, there are a total of eighteen volumes of NAOE’s popular manga. Therefore, there is enough material for Aoharu x Machinegun Season 2. There are sufficient volumes of the manga to cover two more seasons (pending renewal, of course).

Aoharu × Machinegun Season 2 Trailer

The Aoharu x Kikanjuu season 2 trailer will not be available to readers for some time. Before then, we suggest that our users check out the official first-season trailer to get a feel for the show.

Where to watch Aoharu × Machinegun?

Many viewers are eagerly anticipating the return of this remarkable drama series for a second season. You can only watch the program on Crunchyroll. Anyone interested in watching the series may do so by visiting the platform.

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