Anime: Castlevania thrills fans with season 4 poster

Castlevania has been one of the original anime series most popular to reach the streaming service of Netflix In recent years, and with the confirmation that the series would return with its fourth season, the Vampire Hunters have updated fans with a new poster.

By sharing a picture of the heroes and villains of this world full of supernatural characters, trying to live in a world where Dracula is no more Among the land of the living, it seems that next season will continue the story of Trevor, Sypha and Alucard.

Netflix used their official Twitter account to share the new Castlevania season four poster, giving us a fresh look at the fresh aesthetic of vampire killers, vampires, and devil forgers. The Truth News invites you to see the image below:

When is Castlevania anime season 4 coming out?

The poster recently shared on social media does not include a release date for the fourth season of Castlevania, nor any new filming for the anime series that was brought to life thanks to Powerhouse Studios. However, Netflix could return with more updates in 2021.

The third season was a big change for the series, not only because Dracula had been killed during the end of the second season, but also because divided the main vampire hunters, as Trevor and Sypha traveled through the countryside while Alucard was depressed in his father’s castle.

On the other hand, the devil’s counterfeiter Isaac is trying to build an army of the undead to take revenge on the death of Dracula and eliminate the evils he sees as humanity.

Besides this villain, the counterfeiter devil Hector has been captured by the vampire Carmilla and her sisters, who also try to form an army but use humanity as cattle instead of eliminating them from the face of the Earth.

With scattered vampire slayers and villains amassing armies of demons to take over the world, it’s clear Castlevania season four will up the stakes as the history of the Clan Belmont and his allies continue through the Netflix original series.

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