(2019-20) Release Schedule of Netflix’s “Riverdale” Season 4

Netflix’s One of the Most Popular Series “Riverdale” is returning with its Amazing Season4 on October 10, 2019.

“Riverdale” will be back for season 4 on The CW. With huge Successful hits on its previous 3 Seasons, Season 4 will be More Interesting and Exciting Than Ever.


After all the weirdy stuff that has happened over the last 3 seasons, Season 4 will bring more hectic stuff. The Series gains 7.2 ratings on IMDB due to the Growing Fans and Supporters Worldwide.

The Fans are waiting for Season 4 with a Bated Breadth After Season 3 did release back in October 2018. So the series did gain a huge amount of Popularity and Prosperity over time.

Season 3 did leave the fans with some crucial questions that are still unanswered. There were so many loose ends that are left to tie in season 4. So Season 4 will be more Thrilling and Creepy as it will flash some light on the Hidden Questions.

Season 4 will be consist of Suspenseful Seven Episodes. The Series will release on different dates in different regions. When can you watch it will depend on where you live. The Dates will vary whether you live in the US or UK.

The Netflix Release Date Schedule of “Riverdale” Season 4 will be as follows:

Episodes  –  Release Date

1st Episode    –  10 October

2nd Episode  –  17 October

3rd Episode   –  24 October

4th Episode   –  31 October

5th Episode   –   7 November

6th Episode   –   14 November

7th Episode   –   21 November

As we all know that outside the US, The Series will be an International Netflix Original Series. Thi Series is actually one of the most popular series worldwide.

Everyone must watch “Riverdale” at least once. If you have not watched it yet, Then you can watch it now on Netflix.

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