All Apple TVs with tvOS 14.5 will support television color calibration

Now that the waters are returning to their place, we can delight in some of the most interesting details of yesterday’s keynote. One of them is the balance of colors that the Apple TV performs with tvOS 14.5. Although the company mentioned it with the new Apple TV 4K, it has been confirmed that it will also be in the two previous generation devices.

What is tvOS 14.5 color balance

With the release of tvOS 14.5 next week, Apple will enable the color balance feature. For it, it will be necessary to have an iPhone with Face ID and with iOS 14.5 installed on the device. That is, iPhones with Touch ID will not be able to take advantage of this function, because they lack the sensors of the most advanced authentication system. In Apple’s words, the system is defined this way:

Color Balance

Through an innovative color balancing process, Apple TV works with iPhone and its advanced sensors to improve the quality of the TV picture. Apple TV uses the iPhone’s light sensor to compare the color balance to the industry standard specifications used by filmmakers around the world.

With this data, Apple TV modifies the video output to deliver more accurate colors and improved contrast. All this without customers having to modify their television settings.


During the configuration process, we will have to place the compatible iPhone pointing the Face ID system at the television screen. Placing it in the center of it, will run a series of color tests to adjust it. Once finished, you will never have to repeat it.

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Of course, it is a most convenient function that helps us to achieve higher image quality without having to navigate through complicated menus. Thanks to the Apple ecosystem, users will benefit from this feature.

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