“Adam Neumann” Ex-Ceo of Wework Gets Rejected Everywhere By Multiple Co-op Boards

The Billionaire and Wework Ceo Adam Neumann is now suffering from challenging circumstances. Well, He was doing his search of $50 million Plus Apartment on Company’s Fifth Avenue.

Adam Neumann
Adam Neumann

The Sources did confirm that Adam Neumann is unacceptable by many Co-op Boards. After Media flashes news of his erratic behavior, The members of the Boards did reject him. So this year is not so great for Adam.

Neumann and his beautiful wife Rebekah were searching and shopping for an apartment on Fifth. They want an apartment to live in the Wealthy Elite of City.

But Adam was so shocked to hear everyone’s Rejection. He feels so sad when he and his wife went into the search for an apartment. Well, According to a Real Estate Insider, Adam need not even apply for the residence. 950 and 960 Avenues have also sent Adam Neuman to the path of Rejection.

Adam has hired many Brokers in the past. He also did engage Mark Lapidus, Former head of Wework in the Search. As all the Co-op Board Members said No, Mark Lapidus Talks with one of the Agents. He said that Adam Neumann is going to be one of the first Trillionaire in this World. So Any Building Would Want Him.

Adam Neumann Stepped down from the post of the Ceo of Wework Company. He wants to build a Wework on Mars. He also said that he wanted to give Orphans “A New Family: The Wework Family.” So by doing this, he wants to solve a significant problem that all orphans are facing worldwide.

Adam Neumann has done a cash-out of $700 million from the company for building homes for Orphans. He has a Kind-Heart Indeed.

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