A new theory about John Wick suggests that everything happens in a video game

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The fans of Keanu Reeves They continue to create theories to connect in some way to certain iconic characters of his career. On many occasions it has been tried to relate John Wick with the saga MatrixBut today we have been surprised by a most original theory that suggests that this action movie created by Derek Kolstad happens inside a video game.

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If there is one characteristic that defines John Wick it is action. The film aims to move away from any resemblance to reality to focus on combat against enemies, chases and a linear plot that culminates in a final enemy, like the Matrix.

This has caught the attention of user Mantaraypreviouslife on Reddit, who has coined a most interesting theory, as it suggests that this universe is actually a video game. To support his theory, he begins by saying that John fights against many anonymous criminals, whom he compares with NPCs, before facing the "final boss" of the phase. In addition, it is also a coincidence that the dialogues take place before or after the combat, as as if we were in a cinematic.

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Another important point to keep in mind is John's rapid healing, which is also common in some action video games. Finally, the user highlights how The Continental reminds of a safe storage point that works as a store without being harassed by enemies. The author of this theory also ensures that, in the future, John will become aware of his nature (in the purest Westworld style) and will reveal himself against his environment.

Both John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 were scheduled for release on May 21, 2021. However, the recent coronavirus crisis threatens to change this situation, as quarantine and confinement regulations prevent production from ending, at least in person.

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