A Major Reason Why People Must Have Sufficient Carbohydrate And Fat In The Diet Is To?

A Major Reason Why People Must Have Sufficient Carbohydrate And Fat In The Diet Is To?

A. create a suitable environment for the absorption of vitamins and minerals

B. prevent diseases associated with vitamin deficiencies, such as beriberi, scurvy, and rickets

C. synthesize neurotransmitters in the brain

D. allow nervous tissue to function normally

E. All of the above are correct

A significant reason why people must have sufficient carbohydrates and fat in the diet is to:

1) To provide fuel for oxidative metabolism,

2) To serve as a building material for some hormones and important cellular structures (e.g., nucleic acids, phospholipids),

3) maintain redox potential within cells by acting as an energy source for ATP production and as a reducing agent to maintain reduced glutathione and vitamins (e.g., vitamin A, D, E, and K),

4) synthesis of some neurotransmitters (e.g., dopamine and serotonin),

5) Thyroid hormone requires carbohydrates for proper secretion of T3 & T4. Carbohydrate is stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle, but not so much in the fat cells. So those who go on low-carb diets may experience fatigue due to hypoglycemia which causes neurons to start firing at random, causing anxiety symptoms such as tremors or shakiness.

Glucagon is another byproduct of eating protein that can cause anxiety symptoms since it will trigger something called gluconeogenesis, which reduces blood sugar. Carbohydrates serve as a buffer against this by releasing insulin to prevent the blood sugar from dropping too low.

If someone goes on a low-carb diet, they need to take medication that mimics those effects of carbs, such as Clonidine for anxiety and diazoxide for hypoglycemia symptoms. In rare cases, people who do not have enough glucose can cause coma if their brains do not have enough fuel.

Whey protein should be included in the diet:

A. because protein is used to create neurotransmitters

B / C / D / E All of the above are correct

The main reason is that protein needs to be included in the diet for cellular repair, hormone creation, and neurotransmitter synthesis (e.g., dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin).

Without it, depression would occur due to low neurotransmitter production, leading to long-term severe harm if not corrected properly. Carbohydrate deficient diets are also associated with anxiety symptoms since serotonin levels drop significantly, causing an increase in cortisol release, which elevates gluconeogenesis even further, causing more blood sugar imbalances.

Carbohydrate-deficient diets are modified versions of high protein diets such as Atkins, which can work initially but eventually fail as neurotransmitter production slowly declines with prolonged carbohydrate-deficient dieting.

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