A former partner of De Rossi revealed the dream that the Italian could not fulfill in Boca

Daniele De Rossi fulfilled the dream of playing with the Boca jersey. But it was not the only one, as a former Xeneize footballer revealed the wishes that the Italian could not fulfill due to his personal problem that forced him to return to Italy.

Guillermo Burdisso, defender of Lanús with a past in the Rome of Italy, said that the Italian Daniele De Rossi I wanted to “continue in Boca as a player”, but what "He returned to Italy on a personal matter." Apart from this, he assured that the Roman will seek to be the coach of the whole of the Ribera.

“I had the chance to chat with De Rossi about soccer. His idea was to stay in Boca as a player and he wants to be a coach someday. Then, he returned to Italy for a personal matter where perhaps they did not accompany him as well as at the beginning ", he explained Guillermo, brother of Nicolás Burdisso, the former manager of Boca who was the one who hired him during his tenure at the club.

“I saw him that he started well in Boca, he came with a rhythm, he showed his level in every play he made and he was injured. I think he misled him to speed up the lap because at his age it costs him a lot ”, Burdisso regretted, during a note with the journalist César Luis Merlo in Instagram.

In addition, the former Arsenal commented that De Rossi's idea is "to win something with Boca".

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“De Rossi started well. He showed his level in a couple of plays he made in the first games until he was injured. His mistake is wanting to anticipate and return as soon as possible because he was injured again. For a player his age, standing still for so long is not easy. When he had to demonstrate again it was difficult, ”he expanded in dialogue with Soy Fiera, the unofficial portal of the León de México club, where Guillermo Burdisso played.

“I got together with him (De Rossi) and we talked a lot about Boca. His intention was to stay in Buenos Aires, stay in Boca, linked to the club, either as a player and earning something or as a coach. He was sure of that. His return to Italy is more about a personal issue. Perhaps they could not accompany him as in the beginning. It is a pity because I had more to give ”, concluded the garnet defender.

Daniele De Rossi arrived in Boca in July 2019 and in his brief step he added seven games between the Super League (5), Argentina Cup (1 and one goal) and Copa Libertadores (1). Injuries and anxiety played a trick on him the Italian who could not achieve the desired continuity. In January 2020, he confirmed his return to Italy due to a personal problem.

This also coincided with the change of leadership in Boca, after the elections that gave the winner to the trinomial made up of Jorge Amor Ameal (president), Mario Pergolini (vice president) and Juan Román Riquelme (second vice president).


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