A crossover image of Pokémon and Digimon goes viral

Can you imagine the shock of seeing a Pokémon in Digimon and vice versa? Would be like The Island of Temptations but training bugs. Well, thanks to an artist, now we have seen what a cross between sagas with the Greymon and Charizard creatures would look like. This is how we would see them in one and the other:

I wonder how different things would be if these two came from opposite franchises pic.twitter.com/YduTm1eMzP

— RJ Palmer (@arvalis) March 26, 2021

As you can see, it is great to design work, and it is that not just anyone has done it: it is the work of RJ Palmer, who did his part in Detective Pikachu providing designs and now has made us fantasize about how both beings would look in the opposite saga, Comicbook tells us.

The Greymon design that we see below, pixelated and with that Game Boy aesthetic is absolutely charming because it seems that we have gone back to the 90s and we have turned a box with a Pokémon clone of those that used to run out of battery for the memory the little.

If you like Pokémon, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our Top 10 of the best legendary Pokémon, those that cost so much to hunt and that have been the perfect example of hard work on the part of users since Game times. Boy, when we killed each other to find them and get them … if someone did not do the trick on duty and turned off the Game Boy in the middle of the transfer of creatures. But we better not talk about that, right?

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